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XICO ➋➎ if it’s a portrait, is mine


5 years bloblogging 🐝


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incongruently VII (las lagrimillas entre el iris y el colágeno astral)


 Video by Mike Olbinski


Hey there 🐑, welcome to another bath of critical mass… well maybe not so critical but massive nevertheless  N E V E R   T H E   L E S S   ! ! !

First off thanks Alex for the subtitle and all these years of friendship =)

This whole universe of scrappes forms almost unwillingly as, mostly through virtual intertfaces and its controls, I daily spend a long time looking, sorting and tweaking stuff — and I really mean “stuff” because sometimes I don’t know anymore what it is that I’m doingThis tools become a bit like a shack-base. Personally I stop seeing the numbers, the sliders, the checkboxes, the diagrams and feedback’s graphics; they all are “just” cogs and wheels that allow me to massage an image, to glue together 2 moments, to interact with people far away, to solve a problem, to share something else. But ( without contradiction) these things that are part of the work or pop up when less expected ( like the manga traps and naked ladies, ja ja ja) end up being part of my life, of our lives. Today if someone ask you somethin’ you don’t know or if you want to assert the true facts (link) about something you say google that… so we get used to, humans use and get used to the tools, the technology that allows us to do, to manipulate, to achive something; many of them end up becoming part of our culture. Yet, if we step back for a bit… it’s kinda surreal, don’t ya think?

🐌…. . … …..  

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Now and putting an end to this too-much-cacophonic-flood, I’d like to shift gears and engage something that belongs to a more intangible reality


 Naked monitor


Naked monitor
just enough
water so green,
along the lines
all is falling
mechanicly blue.
Dwarfing a wave of doubt
the sun is here
walk with me
sun is here
tell the moon
about my dreams
making nest-vision
a church in each heart
holy guacamolly
and sex plants.

The sun is here
walk with me
sun is here
walking me

Ahó father
hocus pocus
pilates platz

Ahó mother
the earth’s fragrance
is your sheath

This morning
anger’s gone
morning of today
I feel lighter
carrying only pocket words
basted as a prayer
but more like a song,
a peaceful
an ocean
of humble surrender.



take pictures
with the eyes closed

keep up

the pace

gravel noises


This is not a concept
this is a heart


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ANALIS ➋➍ if it’s a portrait, is mine



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First off happy 1976!!!

Don’t know about you, but this new year’s premiere has been greit, very exciting. Amadeo, my little bro (younger but with far more wisdom and {thus?} gray hair than me) came to visit. He’d been travelling the world giving teachings, he’s a travelling teacher of the Diamond Way, western biggest budhists’ community. But family, you know, are the worst students so he has to figure out a clever strategy to deliver a bit of light onto us.

And hey ho heya hé this time he outdid himself. We’ve got a tendency to look for answers on big structures, yet many times the very small, the tiny almost invisible ones are the troy’s horses that really deliver the punch. Amadeo understand this and taking advantage of this knowledge, he gave us a present we could not “refuse”, he gave us a tremendously wise flu, heya heya lá ya hey hé!

When the whole family is sick, there’s no hierarchy, values are flaterned to its core, achieving little cotidian things becomes the carnage in a god’s battle, we jump 40 years forward, 40 years backward from second to second and so the output delivered vary from super wise, deep yet uncomprehensible grunts to spontaneous blasts of baby language, laughter or tears all attached to knots of emotional unknowness.

How a virus became my master… truly fascinating


But this was just the sauce where the meat of all meats would meet us. That is idiotic, anyway while the first wave of illumination, I mean sickness was arriving to our shores, Amadeo showed me a bracelet, a cord bracelet a friend of his had made, do you want it? Inmediately I could not but think that my wrist was still mourning the last one – you can understand better if you have a look at BMW crash about the middle of this post

So I was not “inclined” to accept the gift… but then, as casual as a the universe extinguishes a whole galaxy, Amadeo said there’s about 100 meters of rope tangled here, if you ever need it. And right there, like a thunderbolt piercing my skull the meaning was clear light. I took it from his hand, wrapped and screw it around my wrist… where it has been since.




It’s made of a couple heavy duty ropes, one metal piece that allows 3 different positions (sizes), a second one that’s an open ring and a third screwing one than closes the whole system. It is not light and yet feels incredible confortable and present which I like. Somehow reminds me of a scorpion, which being my ascendent explains everything ja jaJ AJj a

This is a suicidal kit, no matter where you are, if you feel like killing yourself, you’ve got the tools alright, just find a nice quiet place with a good view, as it will be the last one, and make a slip knot, attach remaining end to solid place and you’re all set. It is the ultimate freedom kit. I love it, knifes are so messy, ja ja ja aja

Also it is a constant reminder of death. In most western countries we have placed death in a far far away cold corner of our universe when the truth is that it lives here with us, in all little things, within all complex structures, it is not an end, neither a beggining of any nonsense cycle bullshit, it is the same as life, it has just being given an ugly name. And we give ugly names to many things that frighten us, like being old, like being dead… being dead ???

So it seems that my bracelets are related to death, I used to wear one of a girl who died, then the BMW crash and this one now. It makes sense as body adornments way before being something of aesthetic value had a very strong transcendental simbolic function =) I’m a cave man, lalalá ugh buga I’m a caaaave maaaan



So now, helped with the flu (and those heightened voices one’s not able to hear normally), with the scorpion of death around my wrist I can start practising stuff, yeahhhHH. Bring it on!!! Thank you little brother, thank you for taking such a personal approach to teach me

/// 🐨 F E L I Z 🐋 8 🌴 L E O 🌶 \\\


Hey you, big guy, wanna play some majong with us? Bring your wallet




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Analis et Max. Photo by Biulix 🐛 🐝🌿


Got two and a half black
plus one and a half red
breakfast machines
complaining news
all very confusing
bullshit smoke curtains
coming out the network
inside our heads
like plastic butterflies
they say but actually
more like fat flies
with fake eyelashes
looping around nightmares

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MARTIN ➋➌ if it’s a portrait, is mine





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