HOUND no borboletario

 IMG_2113_processed2photo by Biuli, my edit 


Today’s hot
people looking crazy
reality’s melting off
leaving a grotesque delayed
. . . trail
of humanity . . .

What is it that is
you want me calling you?

My base is sound
extra pacacity dismal reflexion
so I can leave the ground
to the other side of sanity.

While we excel at being us
the clouds merge into each other,
people go shopping,
a little girls’s mesmerized
by her reflexions on the cars
as she walks . . . very slowly,
her father shouts – hurry up!

The light holds all
buildings’ roofs
and a black mama passes
with a collosal butt
enclosured by too tight
a pair of jeans.

Budhas’s watching over us
assisted by the solar powered praying wheels
made in China.
Dikky’s onto online puppies,
we’re about to eat

I drank
I spoke my BS out,
I looked
and was looked in the eye.

In the public transport
next to 3 african muslim pops,
My heart is my biggest person
. . . really . . .



photo by Biuli, my edit 


an impromptu form, from just now


All the tyrant children of the world
were transformed into tiny baby squids,
they kept their shinny innocent eyes
while their parents ate them.
It happened on a Sunday
precisely, when the same phrase
letf the shelter of their blossoming mouths:
I always want to remain bored.

And for somethin’ totally fun, I mean different



more loose stuff from afternoon at the park

The tree is leaving
I don’t know where
but it’s leaving.
Said domethin’ about
the only path being the one under its roots

The tree is leaving
and I am taking its place,
’cause I always wondered
how would it be like
to feel the rain
for a couple hundred years
and then take six weeks
to undress . / . ;
droping leave by leave
onto the whirly mouths
of northern winds

Having a family of coal ravens
or a myriad sparrows
would be such a cooly coolio YO!

Of many creatures’ lives
I’ld become witness and confident

\\\ the sound of a beaten and enraged teddy bear at a teddy bear’s therapy session is quite somethin’ – I’ve been told ///

I wonder how long it takes
for an email tree to tree?
I could write:
Salam alecum brother oak,
how are you doing today?


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This Nebula planet is weird, its hues are tingly and there are 4 seasons in each weak. So a place looks very different depending from a moment to another. Wonders!!

Recently I made contact with what it seems an intelligent creature, hopefully someone with whom to have a conversation… trying to find a Common Language in order to communicate. Energy is already good.

Here Are The Facts You Requested – The Core
From 2007 album All My Favorite Things At Once

Merci a mr Kaiser, Karma, VP, VK, PV comune, and DRIFTWOOD inc




This chapter-four-thingy has been quite a messy one. I’m aware and consequent with the fact that I tried to pack too much stuff into such a short runaway… that and some technical dificulties have made this one of the more challenging chapters to deliver. Deliver to whom? Such a good quetion uninvited guest; to the unknown, to a frail trail of lost souls, to the hungry ghosts… maybe. Anyway, I also had lots of fun and learnt invaluable (and soon to forget) lessons along the ride.

I do not talk about the people in the videos ’cause if I did what’s the fucking point of doing them?!

———————————– proof of my BS or there’s no contradiction ———————


The new premiere’s panels are useful, BUT the program is less responsive. Like the bug with new AE’s warp stabilizer, this lumetri color interface has much to iron still. Simply put, no serious colour correction, let alone grading is possible, if fluidity is what we have in mind; prememé ate all of my RAM grass as if it was a snack, yes the 32 GB of it… and I’m talking within a 6 minute video workflow. Resolve is just pure fruition anyway; lightyears faster and an easier to get through WF, tracks much better, renders QB and as right now I’m skipping the conforming stage, pure joy… and thus we can make skin tones green :P

Note to myself: other than incremental sequences and a copy of the project, remember to literally lock everything down (video tracks, audio tracks, women and children tracks). Be sure to quadruple check on where are you working(?), if nothing’s missing, a little shot, a piece of audio, the last applied effect, opacity line accidentally turned down, if coffee is not left along boiling for last 2 hours, why are your fat uncontrolled fingers pushing random imaginary shortcuts as if it had no repercussion?!! Why on hell did you changed spot on the fucking middle of the grade?!!! Ah yes, sleep more, drink water, NO, that dry green thing it’s not food, make pauses, pay the bills before due date, have beer and spiffs with friends, walk the dog… I don’t care if you don’t have one!!! Once in a while make ritual sacrifices, just in case. Be nice to stupid people, plan their deaths with a cold cold gazpacho and one last important thing to remember, girls trying to fry your brains, fuck them!!! =)

Other “severe” problem (in the sense that it’s almost unavoidable and unsolvable) I encounter was banding (yeah 4:2:0, 8 bit, no mames!!), specially with out of focus areas – dealing with in the above grab. To an extent, the new grain feature (ffmpeg based, still betatesting) of hybrid and scanned noise overlay, helped mitigate big-time-posterization. Don’t judge by YT quality, if you could see master proRes file, there are just 2 shots falling apart; the rest stands the beating alright +)

Proof of concept 


Another problem is related to bayer sensor (and jpeg engine) itself and it’s colour accuracy and  homogeneity. Despite all the rinsing and preparing and that Driftwood with his quantisation tables and colour matrices made GH2 a 100 times better video-camera there is just not enough quality in the data stream (talking about perceptual accuracy as measure) for the codec to do a decent job. A fucking nightmare and lots of care handling in post. Nevertheless it’s our tool, talk plural ’cause it sounds more true ,-) and we use it and we have fun… enough :-)

AH, 1 more thing, I deliberately didn’t create tytles (enough typed words already), nor mixed any “foraneous” audio track other than beautiful Lisa Sawyer song by Leon Bridges; because of 2 reasons, seemed to me that the words on the song were asking not to interfere, normally I like to somehow sample a bit of the image’s ambience but here just felt like noise contaminating and it is also kind of a “logical” step forward assuming the music-video stereotype. Secondly the video’s goes around childhood (dolls), passion/hobby, iconography (collection of hung Christs) and cinema, all in the living space of a nice couple… I liked both ideas of a muted end (pre sonorous films… maybe I should have gone B&W… hummmm next time better) and a story still beyond the soundtrack…

BTW, a big BIG thank you

to Selur, developer of Hybrid



No matter what we do, LOVE choses with its own eyes… and despite of the cosmic rays, the gamma radiation, the nitrogenous atmosphere and the alien forms that feast on my bread, that’a also true here in Nebula T8 =)

What a mess!!! The instruments have been giving wrong readings… so between the LQ oxygen and the constant repairs I lost track of the friendly creature. I need to check if was My Heart is my Biggest “Prison” or “Person” that I heard

Leon Bridges – Lisa Sawyer – rec by Sofar Dallas

Merci bien a Biulix, ELIZ, RUIP and Puejo the too friendly chewing shoe dog then geek master VK, PV comune, and monsieur Driftwood



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LOST IN NEBULA ✧✧ First 2 chapters


For a while now been exploring planet Nebula T8, it seemed sensitive to backup the data and report to Cpt. Driftcake back on Earth :P • This Issue goes about Oxid-Moron Beach in the Southwest region.

Mix of 1080p23,976, 720p50 and 1080p29,976 HBR footage, conformed to a FHD 23,976 timeline; all within Nebula’s beautifully unknown boundaries.

Kase.O – JazzMagnetism – Renacimiento (2011 LP)

Merci a Albi, Alex, Dj Ronko, Isabel, Jo, Piter, Vitaliy, PV community and specially
Nick Driftwood


The very first begginings…


…are always power-dusks…




splashed with coffee and pizza-ponney.


Then comes the wave, and we catch the wave and we are the wave


And only when we’re done ridding we shall look back =)


Sometimes it feels lonely to explore a distant god forgotten planet… but there are so many new, exciting things going on that the feeling washes away, a bit like a tide.

This Issue goes about the strange creatures that live hanging on and flying around the tall Walls of Slumber City on the far North ridge.

Nick MulvyNitrous
Rec by amazing Mohogany Sessions

Merci a Alex, Biuli and the myriad strangers with whom I crossed paths; a Vitaliy, PV community and particularly to Nick Driftwood



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Raíces Nomadas  ✼  1 Week with Nomad Roots


Both photos from RN 



El amigo Piteripoweris y yo hemos pasado
1 semanita en el proyecto Raices Nomadas
Intentar describir con palabras la experiencia se me hace harto difícil. Unas instantáneas de móbil chunguete ( Runchi – tio Max, pero coge mi cámara // Max – no hace falta Runchi, 2 megapixeles es suficiente, je je) y “captions” para cada una es como ha salido.  Por favor pinchar las imágenes y leer los títulos. Pero si os apetece la experiencia real haced un viajecito hasta este mágico lugar, habitado por seres maravillosos… no más lleven anti-mosquitos protección 1000.

A Alberto, Alex, Elisa, Runchi y todos los seres que hacen posible un “otro” mundo y que tirando de ilusión y corazón no le ponen vallas, reciebiendo con una sonrisa en el rostro y un melocotón en la mano.   GASHÔ

Piter, en Septiembre volvemos a permaculturar, a que sí?!! =)


// ENGLISH version

Piteripoweris and I have spent a week at Raices Nomadas project

It is very hard for me to describe the experience with words. I’ve tried to do so with some crappy mobile pics ( Runchi – Max dude, but take my camera // Max – there’s no need Runchi, 2 megapixels it’s enough, he he) and captions for each one. Please click the slideshow and read the captions. But if you want the real experience, pay a visit to this magic place, inhabited with wonderful beings… just remember to bring anti-mosquitos 1000 protection.

To Alberto, Alex, Elisa, Runchi y all the beings that make possible “another” world, nurturing it with hope from their warm hearts, without hurdling it and welcoming you with a smile on the face and a peach in the hand.   GASHÔ

Piter, in September we’re back for more permaculturing, yes?!!! =)



Dj Ronko rolling BogalOO style brings you Peaches – The Presidents of the USA



 Pero oye chico qué bonita es la ciudad!!! // Geee, I missed the city’s landscape

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Some films and SW BTS, some pics and a lot of BS =)

Hi there, vast unknown of the freeway of possibilities …

This salutation feels like praying to a unemployed god… Anyway I just wanted to welcome you to one more chaotic mess – of course there are chaotic not-messy thingies –  that I did my best to get together. What is it about? Well a little bit of this and a little bit of that, you know, nothing too tekkie just along the lines of general content misc formulae, ja ja ja. I many times surprise myself on the amount of bullshit my brain make its fingers deliver… I’m a slave inside of a slave, please rescue me Popey!!!! Can’t do, he’s drunk, watching porn and eating bacon :D


Without further due, some commercial long feats films from 2014 than I somehow found worth watching:


The Raid II

Inherent Vice with runnerup Matar a un Hombre

The Babadook with runnerup It Follows and Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

other than Loreak and Kis Uykusu (previously featured) Force Majeure


The Dark Valley

Astérix – Le Domaine des Dieux with runnerup The Book of Life

Ummm… haven’t decided yet Fehér Isten aka White God

What We Do in the Shadows and The Little Death with runnerup Housebound


Indie Game with runnerup Life Itself — actually Indie Game it is not from 2014 but if I can’t brake my own rules, what’s the point of having a fucking blog?!!!


Then carousel of pics

Merci a Rui and Eliz, and Puejo for chewing my shoes



Und miscellaneous videoing




– – – – –  SPOILERS ahead!!! SPOILERS alert!!!  – – – – – 



Ex Machina





Does Ava pass the Turing test? Does it matter? The question addresses the premise on which the film tricks us to believe it’s built.


Quoting Vitaliy, master hoster at  from Personal View:

And always with naked robots you can fuck (main feature!).

Which it is spot on… nevertheless I differ from his overall assessment. I think there’s a valid point, a value in the story and how it unfolds… maybe ’cause I have always been an Asimov fan, as well as sci-fi stories… as the Bible.


I think Ex Machina is close related to Her but with different starting point’s premises and thus materialization. As it is to @matt_gh2 Blade Runner and Cherry 2000… those fuckable robo-chicks wanting emancipation. And to some extent also – borrowing “quotes” and/or ambient, or just having simillar/parallel elements – to (massive derailment of) Automata, (cheap) Chappie, A.I., 2001: A Space Odyssey, (seminal) THX 1138 and grandfather Metropolis.


But IMO only in (the more cerebral, almost as if a book) Ex Machina the Turing (conscience) test, the moral laws of humanness (???), the inversion of god-human-robot roles, the pervasive relations, it’s implacably explored in such a methodical, surgical and raw way. Of course there’s a lot of deceivement (to the spectator and to the characters) but I don’t see in it so much as an entertainment trickery as a means to deliver a message. The whole film is constructed from a anthropomorphic standpoint… that might sound ridiculously silly but as we dive into the sessions and the 4 characters… it seems clear that are the humans who should be Turing tested and surely too lost and morally lax – Caleb get to an extent where he cuts himself to check if He is a robot. There’s also a suspensive shift, a perspective disbelief… at times being almost surreal and grotesque (Nathan and Kyoko’s dance).


While the wild nature outside it’s a restraining and insulating element it also represents all (living things) Ava wants to engage with. Different from HAL and more to the cheese than Samantha, Ava is doing what it’s best for her; in a very human like behaviour (I know in this world there is a bit of everything) she is being ultimately selfish, she wants to survive, to live… and ironic enough, she has learnt  that (from) humans just want to use her – very very nice strong sexual metaphor throughout the film – and get rid of her afterwards. Lying and deceiving it’s something not many species can do and surely we do very well, just turn on tv and blast yourself; just look at who’s in charge of the locomotive. Anyways Ava does everything necessary to get free.


Now, and coming back to passing the Turing test; if previous to Caleb’s arrival Ava has been instructed to pass the Turing test as a formal sanction of intelligence and self-awareness, and supposing she’s already at that consciense evolutive stage; are her actions the “absolute”, machine logical results of the instructions she has been given by Nathan (the only true “demi-god” aware of possible catastrophic outcome) or a true free will? If Ava sees herself as an independent sentient being – but (thus) not a human – why does she want to mingle with humans? If there’s no god, which are the limits?



Yurenchu (IMDB user) put it very nicely:

In my view, Ex Machina is in essence a re-envisioning of the Biblical story of the creation of Man, and also a commentary on how our current science-and-technology-driven Western society has turned its back on God.


— Which lampefeber user replies

I don’t know about that. That depends on whether you refer to God as a mythical figure and a belief system or an actual being. The movie clearly showed that consciousness extends beyond the creations of God and also questioned our concept of “soul” and the boundaries of our morality.


— To which Yurenchu replies

There are the obvious parallels between Ex Machina and the story in Genesis 1-3 or common representation of the Christian God in general:

  • Nathan : the creator of a (new) mankind (God)
  • Ava: the newly created mankind (Adam & Eve)

  • Kyoko: a servant to the creator (a cherubim)

  • the isolated tree in Ava’s room: the Tree Of Knowledge

  • Ava escaping from the house, into the free world: the expulsion of mankind from the Garden of Eden, into the raw free world

  • Kyoko with the knife: the cherubim with the sword, guarding the Garden of Eden

The difference being that instead of God expelling his creation out of the Garden, we have Ava turning her back to Nathan and escaping.

Caleb has to fly for at least two hours “up” (= up North) to where Nathan resides (a parallel with Heaven).

Ava starting to develop a desire when she draws the tree in her room parallels the taking of the apple/fruit from the Tree Of Knowledge.

Nathan being “omnipotent” (physically strong) and “omniscient” (he sees and oversees everything).

Ava covering herself up with a modest dress and modest (short haired) wig parallels Adam and Eve covering themselves up when they discover they are naked.

Story unfolds over seven days, parallels God creating the world in seven days.

And let’s not forget the word that’s missing from the title: “Ex Machina” is derived from “deus ex machina”.


Reality is always more interesting than wild fantasy, and much more complex.

Vitaliy I agree with you here =)

Let’s see how does wikipedia define sci-fi:

{…} a genre of fiction dealing with imaginative content such as futuristic settings, futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, faster than light travel, parallel universes and extraterrestrial life. It usually eschews the supernatural, and unlike the related genre of fantasy, its imaginary elements are largely plausible within the scientifically established context of the story. Science fiction often explores the potential consequences of scientific and other innovations, and has been called a “literature of ideas.”{…}

Of course there’s among sci-fi fans a bit of a fight among the more “imaginative” ones and those who claim that premises and background should be only based and fundamented in demonstrable empiric facts.

If you ask me, even disregarding the human set of laws for perceiving the cosmos, good sci-fi tells more about (what is to) the human species, our fears and handycaps, our limitations but also how we fight to overcome them, to communicate and adapt than anything else. THE UNKNOWABLE will be always unknowable. To my eyes the A.I. theme in Ex Machina serves only as backdrop, as a cohesive drive to underlay and “expose” more interesting and compelling subjects of exploration… Of course all of this can be seen just as an exercise in rethorics, but so is the Bible that has served a big chunk of humanity as “instructions book”… look what happened to the guy who presented himself as the son of god. The truth is we would totally fail as gods… but if it only were for the amount of cynism we’re getting there.

Ex Machina, and most of its sci-fi cousin-flicks reveal more about where are we now that some abstract time in the future. Nathan literaly fucks his “creations”… But this time Eva leaves Paradise over a dead god and without the good Adam, maybe aware that she doesn’t really need him? And here comes another huge Bible chapter, pleasure and reproduction in the times of positronic beings :P


With a couple reviews:
RogerEgbert which rightfully praises Isaac, no surprise here, this guy’s work is solid, also goes a bit about the director Alex Garland’s previous works; writer of among others fantastic 28 Days Later.

Real science fiction is about ideas, which means that real science fiction is rarely seen on movie screens, a commercially minded canvas that’s more at ease with sensation and spectacle.

NY Times which also reference – I have only read them after writing all of the above – Her and Metropolis ,-)


Personally I was a bit disappointed with the film, because I thought it was a little too predictable, and maybe lacked some kind of brain-twisting mystery at its heart that I look for in the best sci fi films.

I think I know what you mean Ted; in my case happened opposite, from the very beginning it was quite clear that what I was seeing was just a kind of projection surface behind which there was the mother dough… as I said before a bit like in a book.  Abraço

We are the ones giving the Turing ride ,-)
I think Ex Machina it’s a more abstract and yet contained (almost like a big brother tv show) version of a Bible in the style of the greek tragedy. Gods and their creations, humans, their emotions and passions, the sex thirst, freedom, death… c’won just add the technological elements and jargon!!!
The other thing I find refreshing is that as an spectator i “have to” pass (the test) judgment of some sort and that is going to shape the way I’ld see and validate the characters and the tragedy itself. I loved that in Winter Sleep, where it was done in a bit more mature, gradual and detached way… maybe one of the differences with european cinema tradition…

Cinema god (yawning) – argghh too many fucking years of this beings going all tragedic and whatnot, I don’t care, send them A.I.s and call Tarantino to remake everything just faster, bloodier and funnier, we get 50% of the income… and just for fun make Chuck Norris and Swwarzzebergger a pair of lesbians



A bit of cinematic juicing


Referred in the video above


 For real SW fans



 For real hardcore SW fans; around 7 hours


Now this Samurai Films Responsible for Star Wars?!? — or films are global conversations idea, should be more appealing


More on Kurosawa – seriously interesting +)





Now, the content of the following 4K video is so so, but there are some truly spectacular images. It is only worth watching if you have a very good monitor/tv and as if a drug, to get knocked out by the colours, by the framing, the movement and so on.

Jetman Yves Rossy and his protege Jetman Vince Reffet from Jetman Dubai soar over the city of Dubai with jetpacks in incredible footage from the short film “Young Feathers.” The film focuses on Rossy and Reffet as well as the jetpacks they have developed which fly with an average speed of 200km/h and can maintain flight for up to 13 minutes.

The film also features narration from Rossy about the dream of human flight, and the freedom the jetpacks give.



Signing off
***Mad Max*** is out in the cinemas!!!





MAIN GUIDES – eat freshest brains

MOVEMENT – always forward, inchAlah

NOTATIONS – me dead body feels no pain

SUPPORT – crawling if it need be



The fluffy square headed taiwanese doggy insists it’s conceptually tighter if I leave this taschenrechnermusikant‘s short mix at the end of the post. He says just look at the fucking apparently mess of cables, such nice deep grooves, doggy digg them!!! Now seriously this guy has a lot of very nice mixes, check them out, specially the Dub ones =)

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ANIMALIPSTICK • III ( 3 short animations once a month)



Craig Welch’s No Problem • 1992



Director: Craig Welch
Animation: Craig Welch
Concept: Craig Welch
Design: Craig Welch
Producer: Eunice Macaulay / Marcy Page
Executive producer: Douglas MacDonald / Barrie McLean
Animation camera: Pierre Landry / Lynda Pelley / Jacques Avoine
Re-recording: Jean-Pierre Joutel / Shelley Craig
Music: Normand Roger / Denis L. Chartrand
Production Agency: National Film Board of Canada


Though it’s a trailer – be sure to watch Full HD and really LOUD!!! – it’s in itself a little film. Full version recommended =)
WARNING: if you’ve drank coffee, watch this another time
Takeshi Koike’s REDLINE • 2007

Full Credits



Frédéric Back’s L’homme qui plantait des arbres • 1987



Frédéric Back

Based on Jean Giono’s story

Frédéric Back

Executive producer
Hubert Tison

Normand Roger

Film Editing
Norbert Pickering

Art Department
Frédéric Back

sound re-recording mixer
Michel Descombes
André Gagnon

Camera and Electrical Department
animation camera operators
Claude Lapierre
Jean Robillard

Animation Department
animator Frédéric Back
assistant animator Lina Gagnon

Music Department
music recordist (as Hervé J. Bibeau)
Hervé Bibeau

music assistant
Denis L. Chartrand

Quality control
Léo Faucher

English version
Jean Roberts

gashô and big kiss 4

JlEO *-)

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V-LOG 03 and forgetting the big picture // feat. some friends


This is the post of the cool people hanging around and around and around the bound popound tataund aund aund auuauauauuauauuuuuu!!!!


Merci al Lexi plexi sembrador… por insistir en la amistad, por practicarla inexorablemente, sin miedo, de forma aventurada y viva =)

Guest appearances by manin Ami and Biuli li liiii cuidadîn
Meci aussi ao grande , que saiu duma vaca mas das que nascem deusas, je je. Se alguma vez chegas a lêr isto Mû: a namorada di Russia manda bejinhus com mão repleta, ma di peixinho gustoso nada di nada manda pa, ohhhh *=)

Um De Nós
from Duos, Trios, and Further Conversations album




More coolio bros, tasse yo, ma main,
I mean man maid man mean tarzan c’won comoÉ?!!
Naspiatu, ta malucu Yooo??!!!


Master chief of weird fluffy noises: Snup di mad banân


The real deal, most tender cunt at this side of Europe's asshole: Albi


... where the fuck do you come from?! Aarrgh pic's from 2011, Kan't remembers
but he's our hipno clixter fister little bronco box unknown stereo duddio


Now our Himalayan friends, whose families and friends have lost their homes (if not died) and are living on the street of



om tare tu tare ture soha om tare tu tare ture soha om tare tu tare ture soha


Supermama and famous cook, she talks very little (with me) but everything she says
it's funny; thanks god she also thinks what I say it's funny: Samjana



Big brother Karma, indoctrinating me with some BS, look at this trick, it's from
my land, I am going to jump in the glass of water, ok? Such a nice dude our Karma




Not putting more photos because I can put no more, put into blog no more photos or yes put more into blog photos I can, who knows, mi Knows every nose for ice cream screaming, cuttit out cutitii outitis now

And to finish in style and coach surfing the ring onions of hell, myself , oh yeah and (briefly) Herr Kaiser, the freshness personifyed, the allmighty guru of complementary colours and interpaginary relations




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