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     by Patrick Cunningham


Over at in the play_raw series I met this beauty 👆. Monkey sees, monkey wants, monkey do, monkey donk, monkey donkey. And I did, did develop the image and then nag Patrick to be able to use it. So now – oh many millions – the blog will load a little slower still… ’cause there will be a work of art in the background!!! and that’s courtesy of user Waveluke aka Patrick Cunningham ( link to his flickr gallery) it’ll be our background till our eyes overflow with joyful tears and then they explode of pure uncontainable happiness, it has happened, in India, twice to the same man, his a saint now… so beware!… and look

The photo was taken on sacred land and never a better excuse to encourage you to check these links, all non-profit organizations working on Native American issues. If you must you can even donate (to them), but ONLY if you mustl

Thank you Pat & pixls


Partnership With Native Americans

Adopt a Native Elder Program

The American Indian College Fund

The Native American Heritage Association

The Native American Rights Fund



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_IMG7669_dt   &  The storm has gone(?)


// Technical notes //
Integral edit in darktable 2.6.0rc1.
No crop, no zone editing, or brushing.
Edit was done around the brand new filmic module
and sprinkled with a bit of everything shinny.
Exported both a 32b tif and a jpeg
All FLOSS. Dez - 2018


The storm has gone
but the test was always
yet to come –
pregnant with light
water’s just the effort
water just the effort
and now the ground
in another round
silently makes
its muffled beds
amidst the ocean’s waves
giggling on silly shapes
and crest-ideas…

Oh countdown of impossible rhythms
holy-grail promise
of solving vergence-accommodation
we, the dead, crave to become
the metal dick burning inside
the homeless purpose
a resolution virus
the adjourned pain
in a disciplined, accurate, firm flux
of torpid yet unshakably cool spam
yes, yes! realization
in full glory pues
nodes upon nodes
or just verbs
the longer it makes sense
it doesn’t
make sense

Night drops
its dark ladder
and for each step
the infinity sells
the dreams of
in flattened shapes
and insouciance
for the violently quiet

In the desert
of human condition
there’s a little flower
with a childish heart
that simplifies itself
to a surface
to a skin
and all the living then
and all the living

are able to LOVE
without evaluation
from heart to heart
relapse in the joy
of idiotproofing,
of being lost in the config
yank or peco
profoundly humiliating
with no trace of truth
but an empty grave
of clever moves
pseudo lightfield chips
people in the know
and their solid sharpness.

And – then
this took a turn
urge aside and rendered
oh factor of we
in the mode verbose
all we’ll need to change –
will be everything
thus no debug
nor yank
or peco

poop out of my skeleton


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// Technical notes //
32b floating point Wf. A 3 bracketed HDR fused in HDRmerge,
then developed both in Photoflow and Rawtherapee dev.
Merged at 50% opacity, resized with ImageMagic and 
compressed with mozpeg. All FLOSS. Nov - 2018


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sin roce no hay cariño VII






SRNHC series

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HOR series < 10102018 ruin 2 rebirth



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_IMG7472 _ IMG7474 _ pregamma_1_09 _ ferwerda _ max _ luminance _ 1_adaptation _ luminance _ 0_5 _ postsaturation _ 1_09 _ postgamma _ 1_18



// Technical notes //
A three-bracket HDR merged into a 32bits tif with LuminceHDR.
Resized with Imagemagick, compressed and exifed with mozpeg
No further "edit" or manipulation whatsoever. Oct - 2018


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to the beginning(s)


My hand refuses to write
the water crust is too green
and drinking light
they’d never believe us,
and some orangeish magentas
olive greens and
tired blues,
a hug
till loose sight
such a homogenous palette
but where a seagull’s at,
white painters
pollock’s fans

Sky blending with the ocean
this is extraordinary
with no pause
for tears
want to blend too

I’ve been here a thousand times
and yet
this place feels new
each time
I leave anew too
What is this magic?

I’m jumping into the waters
see you on the other side
maybe, je je je

The water is cold
Sea was flexing hard
to close the eyes
to swim ——
an ever soft changing
blanket of energy —-

On the rocks
amidst the dark sky
an almond-eye of light,
the sun
the doubts
lay on
the dancing surface
of the see,
even the seagulls
could not remain indifferent

Ate my three dried figs
and a twig of marine fennel
(umbellate) wrote this
as the sun is setting
I really must go back
to the beginning(s)…


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