Ya! between 2 panos


Guadiana sunset • circa 1996/97 

Armando (Jaleo) and I used to go to this spot on the cemetery’s west wall; he would tell me rivers coloured with the uttermost impossible things to understand or simply and  beautifully play the guitar; I would listen with the fruition and conscience of an audience of only one. We also smoked joints (who ever counted?). Armando was twice my age and mentally… “unstable”, that didn’t stop him of being a great musician and best of days an enjoyable companion; like a grown up child. At the sunset, Armando would stop playing and fixate his gaze to the horizon; no blinking whatsoever… just gazing, with the mouth as dry as monkey feet and the soul constantly overflowing… then in the exact moment the sun hid behind the horizon he would say “ya” which has no literal faithful translation into english as it means something like so absolutelly now that has pass already.  Something so simple yet true to him, to us

RN • between the panos a voracious angel happened 


Grazalema • circa 1995/96 

How did Guevara, Manuel and I decided to go to the rainniest place in Europe I cannot remember, but we did go and eventually we did get there/here (photo). I met Guevara the first year of high school and till he left (was 3 years older than me) we were inseparable. Manuel was a friend of Guevara, both were “these guys” from a tiny tiny town in the countryside, they were regarded a bit like beasts which never ever bother me, on the contrary, I only benefit and learned from these guys’ beastly hearts, had beastly fun and smoked beastly ganja bazookas, je je je. It’s been ages since I last saw my good friend Guego but I will always remember we 3 sleeping tight together in a corner of an abandoned building next to the beach in Cadiz and also the face of Manuel one morning, green as grass, sticking out of the tent after a crazy crazy crazy and fun night, we had a fucking blast and laughed till we cried =)


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incongruently VI (less is less, if you’re hungry)



So here we are, all together in the temple of procrastination, salve brothers and sisters!!! Before the trees start to revenge and seed inside our heads, it’s time for one more incongruous post.
What this would be about…??? Well, what do you think of mapping data, daily routines and what to do in our “spare” time, sounds pretty boring… so let’s hit the crap!!!

One of very many things one can do is to bread scientific data with colourful mapping and graphics, personally find most compelling of both worlds, but it’s a craftsmanship needed of very high skills :P

 click ANY image for detailed view

 Here’s another beautifully coloured rendition of human knowledge



I like to watch them, yes watch them as if was a short film or somethin’… interpreting the data like some magic formula or code to get fast epileptic enlightment, or at least till I start laughing; which is not a bad collateral :D

Look at this one, it’s made of pure Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


 image from Magic Lantern



 Here’s a more serious, vertical person-graphic, but also more simple and easy
 to deal with, j e je



And this one brings together the graphic part with the daily routine thing. I can’t believe the managed to exclude polyphasic sleep geniuses as DaVinci or Tesla!!




I dunno about my routine, but my posting habits are pretty much random and chaos driven, here’s a sample courtesy of WPress. There’s NO visible pattern

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 10.36.43

 But if you look at my desk is pretty much coherent and sense making  =)



That reminds me that another unuseful thing one can do in the spare time is to play with complicated machines… just because ART may come out of them, ROTFL

 thanks to Nuno Olin 



 If not art, at least we can manage to call for some aliens and ghosts

nan_01 nan_02


 Good thing of internet is that we are able to explore portals to other dimensions

AR 2


 To some, you better VPN … ’cause it might damage your retinas and reputation



Talking of reputation, another greit thing about the world wide web is that one can study and imitate from the masters’ touching sensibility; example, Taranpino “talking” to his talent at Death Proof’s set



 C’won this is nice and has all important boxed checked, great name BTW



Also doesn’t have to be passive, one can be sensitive to and learn a lot of stuff while watching a film, like color – sample from Movies In Color website



 …or characters optimal placement, je je je bad boy



 You can choose the films to watch based on its poster artwork only



Or you can go a little deeper, hi hi hi, and study quality of content too. BTW absolutely wonderfully writen, directed and acted out aussie comedy (australian cinema is soooo strong right now). Talking of which I can also recomend What We do in the Shadows, Spring (this is not Au made) and z-flick Wyrmwood, from which:

 This truck runs on zombies, no zombies, no truck – just the brilliant depth I love

the little death


 Anyway, these days zombies are not what used to be



The WEE neatly summarised  the process of editing in this easy read list



 What he didn’t mention is the side-tests one has to scientifically carry on, nhiF!!



 Images from J. Gardner‘s BLIND (full YT), a short film worth watching  =)



Even if you don’t own a digital camera, there are plenty of images out there to play with; here a couple samples of my own conspurcation process, je je
 this one resembles Faig Ahmed’s carpets


But that’s all imaging related stuff. We can and should also do/develop some other activities; i.e. reading; being movies reviews …



… or some lighter fictional work before bedtime.

• Richer color experience in observers with multiple photopigment opsin genes 

• Considering the Surround in Device-Independent Color Imaging



 Wrapping stuff is also very bracing



 Just remember to eat once in a while



 and drink loooots of water =) – … anyways, beauty’s in the eye of the beholder

 photo by Karma PB -)



gashô years of Humanity 


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Piotr II – the harmless research





had a great time =) 


Dinner table trying to behave, je je

gruoLadies, the point is not to laugh=)

All into moooomuuuussss


2am activities: bar-rest and ba(r)sket

bar-rest basket

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critical mass my ass  •  36


pro Piter                                                               


ZAZ – Les Passants
from ZAZ album
Andy Rehfeldt’s – Deicide – Dead By Dawn
from Radio Disney Version album


People know better, at least this is the impression one has when you grow a long beard. Some say, ohh you are so handsome and this beard hides from me, don’t hide from me, me me. Others bury their hands till the adam apple and massage my chick pretending I am a big kitten, meanwhile a this looks so good on you, don’t cut it. Nobody goes, how do you feel, do you fell good? And that is really what’s important: how one feels or ande yo caliente ríase la gente.  







That’s it, I came experience this world a day like this 36 years ago;
now I’m off to some more adventuring  :)


S A L U T !!!




Proposed cutting hair soundtrack, yyyiiiihhHHAAAHHH!!! - Power to Radio3


Big HUG to awesome Michael Trimble and Tiger

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ANIMALIPSTICK • I  ( 3 short animations once a month)




A bit over a year ago I started collecting animation shorts for posting them at a Personal View thread dedicated for such “beauties”. I don’t feel more words are necessary, enjoy or fuck off!!!! {a la murphy} je je je, I mean it +)


Jonathan Hodgson • The Man with the Beautiful Eyes • 1999


Director: Jonathan Hodgson
Producer: Jonathan Bairstow
Designer: Jonny Hannah
Poem: Charles Bukowski
Funded by: Channel 4 TV
Voice over: Peter Blegvad, Louis Schendler
Sound design: Jonathan Hodgson
Drum break: Stuart Hilton
Sound Recordist: Liam Watson
Animators: Jonathan Hodgson, Kitty Taylor, Lucy Hudson
Assistant Animators: Bunny Schendler, Martin Oliver
Artworkers: Mark Shepherd, Jonny Hannah
Rostrum camera: Peter Tupy
Producton Company: Sherbet
(c) Channel Four TV



 David OReilly • Please Say Something • 2009


Written, Directed & Produced by David OReilly
Sound design & Voice synthesis by David Kamp
Sound design & Music by Bram Meindersma
Distributed by Future Shorts.

I recommend also watching The external world




David Barlow-Krelina • Bless You • 2013 // stereo 3D version

Directed and Animated by: David Barlow-Krelina
Music and Sound Design: Greg Debicki (soundcloud.com/gregdebicki)
Voice: Chris Wilding (bqwsc.com/)


gashô e gande beijinho p’ra

Jo Bartolomiauuu =)



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gtr (spen) • paste url to poem  ///  feat. L’Duque de Lagoon


The black screen slow reading turtle
with nails made out precious stones
is coming through a soul-cluster
smiling rainbows and axial-moments
all aspherical light bleeding
little orbed mirrors as pupils
to say: wake up man, wake up


That’s a paragraph of pure shit {please read the “i” with tonal variation} right there. Anyway, kind of liked the image of a turtle coming from the edge of time, from within itself, licking her balls…???… with the head inside the body, with the body inside a shell; loaded with the memories of 1000 years blurred by a million years’ dream. A turtle named Maria with fluffy testicles named Joseph and Lulú

Wonder how much OFF
till everything OFF
had become
swollen flakes and OFF
radioactive dust
backpack glued OFF
spiralling OFF
sunshine rays
the inner OFF
ear and fingers hard OFF
metal scrapes
. . .
on a
. . .
outer city’s

Had to stop daydreaming ’cause panasonic repair service salesgirl’s hands move fast and her fingernails are too green and her face red and yummy… she’s cute and polite; I rackon if she sees the wild bear pretending to be civilised I’m feeling.

Okay, aha, I get it, you’ll need all the screws, that’s strange ’cause I don’t want the camera to be screwed again… Ah, Ok, also the battery, ahá and a lens, no prob mam, half a litre of sperm, give me some months baby… basically you’re dropping me bad news with the smile number 5 eehhhh? I tell the salesgirl I won’t buy panasonic products again, but I tell her this as a confidence with a soothing tone… I see her angelical face, wide open eyes, frozen expression, no doubt she’s not listening to anything I say and more important she’s not listening to what I do not say. I stop and go away, there’s nothing worst than someone who pretends listening to you, as absurd, stupid and annoying as that “you” might be, as superficial, clumsy and uninteresting the choosing of words. Salesgirl sweetly opens the door for me and I leave with a smile (which promises return) and a renewed SHAME ON YOU PANASONIC growing inside my bear guts.




This is another day, another life, another bottle of wine =)

… So the past night the turtle came visit again, only this time was not a matey cool turtle but a pig, a hungry big frightening pig. I got scared, couldn’t rest even for a bit ’cause the pig promised to devour my fat fingers as soon as I fell asleep. Ohhhh cruel life why did you send this obnoxious fat pig to devour my little harmless fingers??!!!! Anyway I had to sing the ancient song for keeping away naughty pigs ulele lele lele ulele ulele ay cochinito cochinito ulele lele lele ulele ulele vete a tu rincón rinconsito ulele lele lele ulele ulele lele ay cochino cochinito ulele lele lele ulele ulele ule ulele que si no te corto y frito ulele lele lele ulele ulele ule ulele lele. Was an epic battle that went on for the best part of the night; I could not tell if the song had worked out but at least I didn’t fell asleep. In the morning I decided not to eat pork… at least for the next week :P

I also re-screwed back my camera which surprisingly was much faster than the disassembly ??? Focus, focus the rage: SHAME ON YOU PANASONIC!!!




Found a tecnique for printing my awfully basic and untimely drawings and any rasterised work for that matter, big and cheep, it is called offset, ja ja ja




Then I pondered for a while who of my 5 and 1/2 friends would be a better choice for battling against panasonic repair center… the answer was pretty clear, monsieur L’Duque de Lagoon. After talking with the butler then the second assistant’s assistant, then the first assistant’s assistant, then to his assistant, then being transfered to his secretary assistant, then still to his personal secretary I finally made contact, yeahhh. Despite  L’Duque de Lagoon is an extremelly busy man – mostly engaged in his network of neverending philanthropic projects – he is also known for his indomitable solidarity and camaraderie towards his peers… and though I fall short to be considered a wealthy man {ejem}, it seems there must be some noble part lost inside of me, because  L’Duque de Lagoon has always treated me without any condescension whatsoever. So… of course he offered right-away his services and escort.



Off we went to fight the dragon!!!

In the long journey we embarqued, the gods manifested some unequivocal signs that I had wisely chosen my company, roll the dice oh destiny!!!




To cut a long story short, I wish I could describe the finesse, the subtleties of the know how with which monsieur L’Duque de Lagoon handled the salesgirl at the service center. She was all smiles and little laughs and acomplice looks… I attended the process as if a miracle, also took notes for further studying this mesmerising snake charmer spell. So now they have my camera, my contacts, my future and all the electronic dreams and I have a piece of papper, yeahhh great exchange!! +)

After sorting this complicated matter for me  L’Duque was visibly tired and so he insisted that we had a beverage in his winter garden. I didn’t dare to refuse such an opportunity. But boy was I not prepared for such grandeur



I tell you cousin Alfredo, you’ll need a week just to go through all the rooms of this mansion. I saw more books and more neatly organised than in London’s National Library. And the photos… what a collections and each one more interesting than the previous!!! I got dizzy of so much knowledge and wiseness, so we went out to enjoy the simplest of beers



and the sunset



I was so grateful to monsieur L’Duque de Lagoon that I implored him to let me cook a though unworthy of his status otherwise toothsome lamb stew… that actually came out pretty pretty nice, you feel me cousin? ,-)


What a day!!!! If anyone would ask me what are friends for, todays is a perfect example of how conquering obstacles together is easier and much much more fun








A question remains: which entity will visiting me tonight?

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WPP fiasco, free perfect effects 9 and Piotr’s messin’ light


- --------- - U P D A T E D --------- -

There you go the end of the romance, WPP just revoked the 1st prize given to Giovanni Troilo for his Contemporary Issues series The Dark Heart of Europe.
With the myriad diversified problems there are in the world and this guy had to fake one, Ain Jezuzito de mi corasón que mira como mas dejao la humanidad chacho, esha porbo que están las perzonitas y zus melone de penzá!!!

- ---------------------


Entry at PV photo thread

This year World Press Photo competition is nothing but a big fiasco – 20% of finalist images disqualified and one of the winners being accused by the portrayed city itself {with some important arguments} of staging his photo essay – which is something it was bound to happen.

First of all the idea of making an exhibition with photojournalism material is… “indelicate”. Despite I only have attended to 1 WPP exhibition and was because at the time I was working at the host museum and of course curious, it was immediately clear to me that hanging a huge print of a tutsi man with his head deformed {by a machete stroke or something} and all stitched up in “the temple of most elevated craft done by humans” – museums are yet another story for a better occasion – was something rather contradictory and literal that I would want to avoid in the future.

I’m all for improvisation, instinct and guts… but sometimes it seems that there’s a lack of thought and analysis for more delicate matter. Example; when I started with photography everybody reverenced Sabastião Salgado. Then I saw the pictures and thought to myself “these guy is a technical monster”… it took me some time before I understood that despite all the plethora of aesthetics and rhetoric bullshit there was something brutally cynical underneath the immense skills and wonderful technique; he was earning money, getting famous and respected for anesthetizing people’s misery.
I hope nobody confuses here the work I’m talking about, it is not photojournalism – for which I have a big respect – it is documenting the alienation of fellow humans and elevating that to art. There’s no denouncing, not a true care, the emphasis lays on capturing the moving scene and make it breathtakingly gorgeous.

Anyway I don’t know what S.S. is doing these days and if he ever understood, acknowledged and/or made anything to heal his liability and socio-cultural footprint still present in hollow prizes and “philosophies” as the one hold by WPP. Honestly I also stop caring about him and channeled my energy to understand by my own means the emphatic way we see ourselves, we understand and care for each other; and finally how to express and relate that to a code, a language.

One of sources – http://goo.gl/gwqeag


Ahhh, I had to let this out of my system, ufff

On1 Perfect Effex 9 for FREE • here

I think this 2 part tutorial is rather watchable and Zach Arias acts as and probably he’s a cool guy. Enjoy it or at least enjoy Page’s incredible exercise on… holding her own hands :P


 For a final jump into the void, if you happen to see this


 mixed with this


 while this goes viraaaal


 and then you add a bit of this


 and you leave it to rinse with this

f-stop diagram

 you’ll get {snares please}

 P i o t r !!!





Just in case you think I have big imagination, also as you might want to read it:

Simultaneous observation of the quantization and the
interference pattern of a plasmonic near-field

and of course the indispensable

Richer color experience in observers with multiple
photopigment opsin genes

thanks to Karl


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