some lazy pictures that were lingering around, picking on other files, conspiring for an OS lock down… and that was too much, I said “ladies some brío!!!” and as the acknowledgment that we all have to live together settled in, they were understanding enough to exile the gansta motherfuckas and regroup themselves in the humble random generated gallery bellow. Ahhh just another great day to be living =)                                                                           gashô

This gallery contains 36 photos.

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V-LOG 01 (an act is never complete in just one lifetime)



Machine Head  
A slowed down Be Still and Know  
from 2011 album – Unto the Locust  
and The Burning Red  
from 1999 album – The Burning Red  

The Last Vigil  
from 2012 album – Koloss  

Merci regaliz Ana, JFS Agostinho, Karma, Píter, Sr.

and The Association of Vengeful Ants

When walking and strolling around in Lisbon I’m never sure if I’m awake or in a dream; I’m convinced that has to do with the light but only when leaving the city behind I’m fully aware of this…phenomena… which rarely has the energy to awaken itself into the theatre of life. In the meantime I go, get my soul lost, meet the strangest characters, with whom I hold the weirdest of conversations. Who knows if I want(ed) to keep a record of my own existing through the recalling of the city’s own disappearing.

For this adventure I double tripped back; to 3CCD CMOS dvpal comatose machine gun and to the heavy melodies. I must admit I lacked the courage of dumping the stronger speed/trash/hardcore tracks into the sequence… one might have the idea of doing so and one even might think is very rebellious or energetious and whatnot… but then one also cares for the images, the pace, the subjects portrayed, their inherent voices and so on and so forth.

I made a new grain mix just for this baby and also developed a LUT specific for this V-LOG chapter (papaPAL_series-01.cube) which came out pretty nicely, the LUT I mean. Should you feast your eyes over the textures on the video’s uncompressed version. I’m still trying to figure out how much is worth sharing, how much energy is lost in the vacuum; not because I think that the secrets of the métier should be kept hidden and locked but mainly because general feedback has been shit. Anyway, case I survive my own life dreams and regain any faith in humankind whatsoever, I’ll be soon posting it together with a couple other LUTs I’m quite happy about. Like Catarina says escaldi-me mas bebi à finuria





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Affinity as PS alternative /// Ida or WAFF-3 /// and the end of Panachonic

Hey pips!!!

What a mix this post (from where I write to); anyway let’s get down to it.
First I’ld like to point out a very well thought out alternative to photoshop on mac called Affinity Photo


Though right now is still at beta, you can already download it for free at their website or with this direct LINK. When the program leaves beta testing it will be available for $50 with no subscription charges and free updates for two years.

Out of a preliminary experience, a clone of PS (with even same shortcuts), very nice UI (real fullscreenable) and one where you can actually resize panels as big as you wish, some intelligent changes (you can directly delete or merge an adjustment inside the adj window), before/after window, very useful select menus (by RGB colour, or luminance values), rasterize to masks option, implemented lanczos in up/downsizing, can still rescale while exporting, export LUTs and history of/with the file. Has RGB parade, waveform and even vectorscope – something that PS lacks completelly – ahhh and one very annoying thing improved over PS is that you’ve can preview adjustments blending modes live, before even committing to them. Still useful frequency separation, importing plugins from photoshop (that’s a total In Your Face to adobe, ja ja) and 3D kind of lighting… and must add very responsive and fast overall; differently from PS, it has been build from scratch =)


Some screengrabs for ur high delight • click 4 enlargment


Some damn funny and gooood version from Andy Rehfeldt. The RATM version above is also his. For loads of energy and good disposition, check his Radio Disney Verison Album =)



Okay so this is the poster of Ida, a B&W film by polish director P. Pawlikowski that you “should” check out =)    Colidence enough I have a friend called Ida from Poland, wuauuu life is soooo boringly surprising, ja jaaa!! Worth mentioning that either in spanish as in portuguese “ida” means to go but also can be read/imply as one way (ticket)



And this is how the poster looks in Lisbon, like a sad refugee from a war… and I cannot but feel like that… some days.

Specially the days, like the one I took the photo and when my camera stop working. I’m really fed up with the programmed obsolescence philosophy of all big corps. I have had several pro-bodies from other brands which I didn’t remotely treat as tenderly as this one and which went through hell fire, extreme tropical humidity, -15C, misc contusions, finest dust and corrosive sand… and while with other brands I never ever had an issue, with my GH3 it’s been a fucking nightmare from start. Hey but the price tag was up there at pro-level pockets. Honestly if I hadn’t so much money invested in MFT glass, I’ld switch to something more “serious”. So despite I keep on feeling tremendously lucky,

Panasonic SHAME ON YOU, dirty greedy bastards with tiny souls!!!!

All Ida photos were developed with RPP and Affinity Photo.

At least on the last picture I took before the camera broke down there’s a girl nice and openly smiling, but almost all true/natural smiles are pretty nice

You know what I’m going to do now… I’m out for having dinner with my friend Pííííter, bitoqueeeeee!!!! Cheers




Photo by Karma Bhuti



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Alguien save something /// preparing animalipstick


clickon D image for huge


Animal Problems illus by Geoffrey Hewer-Candee

 and to finish in beauty Claycat’s THE THING (18+) – be sure to check
 Lee Hardcastle‘s myriad of very gorey and funny clay animations, thanks 2 Dani

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the space between two meals • the space between two friends /// featuring snupi & berni


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3 hopeless years /// como los cangrejos – 2009 loop


Für Alina by Arvo Pärt
Salu2 a Asteriscos, juancar, JOS y olympia



Haber que ya ni me acuerdo como se habla castellano nanOSTIAS!!!

Pues nada monadas, hace 3 añitos y 310 posts que empecé con esta cosa del hopeless, yyyyeeeeehhhhhhhHHHH!!!!

Aunque la verdad ya meando en esto desde el napster — chiiii patró donde queda eso?… en la prehistoria —  y desde entonces de todos los foros expulsado (menos del biziÓ perzoNá) por exceso de intenciones amistosas y palabras complejas, vaya usted a saber…. pero aprovecho pa decir me cago en lo politicamente correcto y en todos y todas (je je) que lo sujetan!!!

De mi parte y mirando para atrás, 2009 fue probablemente el año más duro y al mismo tiempo el más excitante de mi vida, por lo demás no ha cambiado nada, también yo sigo igual de idiota, es más de lo mismo, sin mejora ni demora, lo que me hace inmensamente feliz porque el perfeccionamiento no me provoca pero que nada nadita. Como super-resumen paréceme que ya llega, ya llega ya llega!!!! y se corrió…. que na quiero yo atragantá a los 3 piojos flojos que zatreban a leer esta palabrejas de-lin-cuen-tes

Enfin que a modo de festejo y regocejo, bostezo perplejo pues tanto hace que no escribía con la palabra madre, ha sucedido que
se ha rescatado pues
una cosita linda
de muy antes de ahorita
que zescribí
zarpicao de Arvo
ayá en el dos mil y nueve
si contamos desde el jesusín
como manda la ley
de la viva memoria
ni tan siquiera una coma
ma trebío a mober
no baya a ser
que se desconjunte la muerta
y ze buelba

Hala ya está dicho lo innecesario, a juíííl!!





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cas _ cara x 5  ///  featuring dani snel snel







merci merci a dani nnnani


 excerpt from Jonathan Monaghan's Rainbow Narcosis, check out his great work!!!
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