Of all tests that I kept
     a little sniff, a breeze of
     the process’ madness

O Sole Mio (unknown)
Breakage – Digiboy Radio (Interlude)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Providence (extract)
La Puta Opepé – Podrío




So so sorry Mimi and Rosita for not managing an asymmetric fluffy corner for you girls, hope you love me the same =)

Migala – Gurb’s Song from Así Duele un Verano • 1998 LP
Cheb Rubén / Sule Benz / A.Rock – Historias del Kronen

Extra shots by my good buddies Pau M. and Nuno R.


I’m happy and proud of these popoozas; mainly ’cause closes a long time period (collection) and also because I gave myself 2 nights to edit and master them (no CC or grade). That averages onto 1 minute per hour :P
One thing that it’s painfully different between live/real time and image based cratfs/arts is that in order to work, to massage, to try different approaches you’ve got to re-render your changes and it’s never real-time (accurate) feedback. So there’s a ton (and I mean it, petabytes, literally) of records one has to create, check over and through away at the end.
These testicles gather some (maybe like a thousandth part) of those processes. As an example imagine, I buy a new camera and I have to test it, ok? So if there are:

• Six o seven profiles (natural standard, smooth, etc.)
• Four customizable settings with 10 steps for each mode (contrast, saturation, sharpness and NR)
• Plus the inteligent variations, iRez, iDR, etc.
• And the video filters and photo effects (over 30)
• Regarding video you have to add all shooting modes like 1080p24, 1080p30, 1080p60, 720p60 with motionjpeg, mp4, MTS and mov diffrent wrappers. Still intra or long GOP variations.
• Lets not forget that camera’s ISO goes from 160 to 12800 in third stops increments (20 stages)
• Of course rolling shutter and artifacts, motion blur and colour rendition, recording compability and stability, different lens’ and focal lenghts comparisons, low light and usability. Then image (playing) accuracy, different render platforms and settings and compression codecs and algorithms and one can left offsprings uncombed but never ever without eating.

/// I won’t even go into the 200+ patches and its myriad variations and itinerations that exist for the GH2 ///


It’s no surprise when it takes a whole month to really know that particular gear. With “to know” I mean you truly understand what are its image characteristics, its strong and weakn points… Then you buy new lens, new camera, new workstation, new grading suite, new workflows, uff. Also one needs to check for material that has been dithered (added noise), for edits, effects (from slomo to blends, crops, stabilizations, etc.), CC (colour correction), grades, etc., etc.

Result is that – at least at certain point – you would spend more time testing than actually shooting or “creating” some fancy-pants video // photo. In my particular case, I embrace the process, I adopt those orphan tests as my family’s photo album. This is my homage to the consuming task of growing WITH them =)





O piteripoweris, ta maluco yo?!!!


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ANIMALIPSTICK • V ( 3 short animations once a month)




PALM ROT  •  2015


Direction / Animation : Ryan Gillis
Sound Design : Owen Granich-Young
Music : Waylon Thornton
Voice Acting: Greg Tonner
Cel Coloring: Jesse James Dean, Mara Guevara, Jabril Mack

Cosmos Laundromat, First Cycle  • 2015


the team

This one’s not a short, but we will make the exception as one of my favourite animations ever… sentimental reasons, je je je, PEPITOMMM!!!
Vampiros en la Habana • 1985


Dirección: Juan Padrón
País: Alemania Occidental, España, Cuba
Reparto: Manuel Marín, Margarita Aguero, Frank González, Irela Bravo, Carlos González, Mirella Guillot, Krikor Melikyan, Juan Padrón, Christine Schnell, Carmen Solar
Productora: Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industrias Cinematográficos (ICAIC), Radio Televisión Española (RTVE)
Animación: Dalia Vázquez, Erilda Negret, Gabriel Ramos, Jorge Jardon, Jorge V. Torres, Leonardo Cano, Miguel Villanueva
Casting: René Ávila
Departamento musical: Manuel Duchesne Cuzán
Dirección: Juan Padrón
Fotografía: Julio Simoneau
Guión: Ernesto Padrón, Juan Padrón
Sonido: Carlos Fernández, Manuel Marín


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Last chapter of LINT8 + Lexi’s reply

What a great journey this is… LIFE of course… with this final chapter, sparkly eyes and an open smile I say farewell to Planet Nebula T8 that so tenderly has hosted me for a little while.

The rocks and the icy ridges, the mysterious forests and their friendly creatures, the suns and the moons and the drugs (?!!), the movement and the dreams, the tests and the probes, the scientific tasks and the inner little tragedies, the beauty and the wonder for the unknown, all I take with me… at a cellular level, all but
The Lost Teeth

André Tasso – guitar and voice
Silvestre Alegria – live set
Agostinho – homeless flute
Okilly Dokilly – Okilly Demos – They Warned Me

Merci a André, Biulix, Alex, Pai Nuno, Mr. Sata, Nirsara, Samjana, Rupak, annoying chinesse little motherfucka and his mum, Dani, Legria, Paulinho, Píter, Riki-Ricardo and big brother Karma. Also V. Kiselev, bkmcwd, Per Litchman, “excelent” Nick Driftwood and PV’s chewing gremlims




I and II


III and IV


V and VI



Well I finally dropped the crop, regained the type, mixed “better” music and dialog and featured almost all the people who got lost.  Amongst nebulaes there are 1 or 2 bkmcwd’s (sorry man for misspelling your avatar in the credits) GOLGOP3-13-MAX_BETA11 shots mixed, one of them is the high ISO moon one, if I recall correctly. Was tempted to voice off, in the end dialog with André worked “as if”. Maybe in future projects.

DRL12 plays back a tiny bit slower than 11 version, but UI’s so much improved and clean that doesn’t bother me, love to grade, trying to fix GH2’s greenish skin tones with secondaries/qualifiers and power windows are my only nightmare and a real annoying and time consuming task. Bad thing about new workflow is that ’cause I skip conforming, shots have to be gruped by FPS and/or size, not a big deal, also the are not in order so either I regroup them or jump for colour matching a scene. The good thing is there’s no more conforming and project can be unlocked and changed till the very end =)


PremeMeing DReLing


Lexi beautifully replied (in a kind of spanish):
querido maxi

no tengo mas que lagrimas en los piojos para enchufar a tus roedores de sentimientos que andan por ai entre esos pixeles de ronchones liquidos de amor y gloria frente a la rutina apabullante de tus labores como amante de momentos que entresacan las vertebras de aqui este amiguinho que se siente tan pequeñino como grande es nuestro corazon cuando juntamos las teclas de nuestro latir, te quiero desde adentro hasta las afueras de nuestras telarañas que nos encajan atrapan para darnos vuelta y vuelta, como los crepes de sensaciones que nos engullen y nos dejan saborear al mismo tiempo el sabor de la mermelada y de la lecha descremada

te llevo pensando unos dias con intensidad, queriendote hablar compartir un momento y justito antes de que tentasse iniciar reiniciar la comunicacion apareces tu con este bombazo y me dejas desnudito frente a tus pixelazos destellos de mi propiosentir que se nos juntan, que los juntas con la calamidad cruda de un verdadero pajarista

te quiero brou , gracias por nebular y despojarte de tu ego para dejar entrear y salir pa fuera las maletas del viajante de corazones

cuando quieras un skype suelo estar conectadito estos dias por las noches , aunque ahorita recien llegado a la gran ciudad no se sabe que pasara pero si me dices cuando o sino sigo siendo tu fan por dentro de mi selva que no necesita palabras ni silencios, ojala al hamdurillah que se nos erizen los pelos juntos en las raices nomadax, por cierto si te apeteciera conocer un pedazito de mi nuevo presente […] peor quien sabe o sino te la cuento en diferido o un dia de estos nos encontramos todas en la nebula 8 !!!

comete un bizcocho y hazme un infinito al reves […] ohsag forever blue !!!!
stay gold my friend ( esta es la del repeat de estos momentos jjj)

bueno ya puestos y despuestos , como no me consigo retener … aca tb una imagen que me ha sorprendido de como conseguimos aprender siempre aprender a amar sin amarrar […]


photo d'Lexi 


pasito a pasito , la cabidad de hace grande y pequeña y ahorita esta bien entregada ni se sabe de la continuidad pero ha habido una apertura enmi que me sorprende sinceramente, desde nuestras conversas algo se ha desconjeturado y bueno no te meto mas rollo jjj

gracias a la vida !!! amando se entiende la gente !!!

a ver si nos tocamos las cejas amigo !!

ahouuu hermanito
ganas de un abracitoooo


To that I say

A H O !

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Lx sunday, august the 9th 2015 


ohhh mama gashô!!


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The town’s effervescenting with life. If you were here you’ld fucking know that the only possible word to describe this collapsation of spice-time is effervescenting.

People’s skins are toasted to a healthy cinnamon tone and a gentle breeze goes around loaded with hormones, salt, sun lotion and summer ephemeral passions.

Sitting under an old tree in the central square.




Many years ago I also lived my passions here, though now it all feels distant and foggy like the residue of an ancient dream.

Sufi say “the whole world fits in the heart of a man”, Gabiot the seagul couldn’t care less about that stuff… surfing the coast, making spontaneous poop art and eating fresh fish is what is all about, maybe making a baby once a year and then push him from the rooftop so he can enjoy the world, pretty cool I’ld say… anyway I drift again…

An elderly couple is sitting in a bench nearby, we’re all under the same old tree. They are having a snack and probably engaging the same present I do, maybe just a bit slower; I wonder if by now their dream has shunted further away or just blended completely in .


While the teenagers rush somewhere a couple’s friend arrived. They greet him.

In another bench there’s this girl with long long beautiful hair. If I say that it looks like a flow of honey, doesn’t make it justice.


Food of the fifth gamma and fucking camera freezed out ’cause of pal or ntsc dilemma, stupid fucking piece of… uhmmmm the fish is just too good… total unashamefullnable mouth-stomach orgazm.


The fog engulfs the bay. Human ghosts emerge from parallel worlds. If I weren’t so happily embodying the best grilled fish in the universe I’ld totally go for a swim, water’s temperature feels just perfect. The general mood is very peaceful, everybody seems at ease and energy is high and jaunty.

Yes, I am drunk and happy!! I want to salute all souls that pass by; young, and innocent or twisted old and loaded with the wisest sins. The truth is I make no distinction, I feel brother and sister to all of them; the wrinkled old fisherman, the widow and her grandson, the ever loud brazilian couple and the cranky retired bus driver, the rich ukranian tourists and the tall, burnt dutch misses.

I am one with them, without hysterism nor passiveness.

I rejoice within same present.

I flow in the same moment, I smile to life… and to death…

I am as part light as part shadow as everyone else’s =)


g a s h ô


Forgive me my little princess, you know I’ve got temper/patience issues; in the end the fault was mine anyway, you rock and record my world I hope you last longer than last one, je je. Look how bichifool chu recordid di flawer chuchu chuuch@!!



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The embarrasing moment of being myself


Burnt eyelashes
albino tinto breakfast without a soul,
naked palm-tree
inpudic dead dancing.

All I see
but the kettle sprayed on the wall,
my heart is gone
my heart is gone

with the sad potato chips
back skin peeling off
wrist invader strain
enhancing cosmos



Photo by  Paulo Morais 


Meet my neighbour
she grabs my hand
and tells me about
her dumb-ass husband,
we plan his death
by poison.

A little table
looks like a spider.





 And better poets of the beat


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Azáfama de Estrikofight


Cansado de esconder
la boca en la mano,
me trepo a mi ego…
mira qué chiquito
se ve todo!!
y si me caigo?

El perfume de las mujeres
se mezcla con el de las flores…
ya no sé adonde estoy
ni cual era mi destino;
bueno que no se me olvide de respirar

Comprando filtros y cerveza,
una chica tatuada por el sol
y una tan viejita
que el propio tiempo se perdió
entre los pliegues de su piél



Click enlargement

ALL_DR_grabs 550px

*All DaVinci Resolve's grabs* at random


The feet
on the sand
at the sun
a strip of blue sea
a gradient sky
on top
as backdrop
a clear gradient of sky
and under
some humans
and over
Then waves
and patters
and drift they drift
spin then drive
then drift
beautifully hopeless
millions of holes
like dunes
but smaller.

Faraway mountains
of semen houses
a stick
a butt
a plain
the green
of the pines
the loco-flora green
sand beetles
going about
their funny walks
not so funny flies
a breeze
the feet getting red
seagulls’ master class
on tap dancing.
Squeaky bird
feeding the beat
and beetles
eating a peach,
baby seagull
another plain
my brother
… time to wake up

{unfinishable loop}

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