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Merci a Tylenight, Shian and PM Sabrosura


• Los Guajes – Cazasuecas
• Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra – Teardrop cover by Mohogany Sessions
• Tweaked Tina S Cover of Jason Becker – Altitude


Throw myself into the streets as a normal thing to do on a normal day… but something’s strange; off. Where am I, what is this? Am I going crazy? Oh my god (read accentuating the pauses between words as if a teenage girl in Minnesota) I am tripping, I’m squinchtilating, zeddubing, flipgortitating, rotoblasting big time… uuuuu, uuuhhhuu uuh uu uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh aaahhhha aaahhh!!!!

My bedroom’s window has been uninterruptedly wide open for the last 5 months, that must be it, the city’s fumes finally kicking in. And so this disproportion of scents, the splotch of colours hurting me eye, the weird twixtor in movements and semi fluid state of earth’s spine… uhuuuuu, now all these people make sense, it makes sense they’re in ma head. Nhgek! wish I’d been issued some kind of warning, some clear, unavoidably giant luminous sign… but on the other hand, what a nice surprise YO T!!

So… relax Max, fasten the seat belt and enjoy the trip, ride along IF-brother!!


……….. some indescribable and defying any notion or concept of a possible beyond “this” {time} after //// meanwhile you can stop, look and go watch this =) ////


 super-resolution 32bit image (from stack) / gamut / 1:1 crop artifacts

At my street’s soul-sourcing, ritualistic mumblings, publicly accepted addiction’s get-together, simplistic abridged to café – but nobody drinks coffee after 5 o’clock {face off} – this is a fucking theatre, the theatre of life and it’s a blast of fun and I can participate and all, in all and with all of my own bullshit; can you believe it? For free!!

Let me see what’s on the program, between the mistreated woman and the bureaucracy needed just not to be mistreated, the football, the soft political satire and tax cursing, the burnt raisins going on detail about the good old times, their lovers, the one whisky bottle a night, the whores, the booz feed, the recipes for great sexual life… alone, the six o’clock soup, the ´whose paying this round?´ echo, the football, the undercover cop that looks like a crossbreed of lonely pimp and travesty, feeding the dog without elbows, feeding the wax lady, feeding all preconceptions about myself, the voluminously tight butt fighting to break free from within a two sizes below white pants’ nurse from the dental clinic, the football, lawyers carefully analysing the odds to squeeze a bit more, a lot more out of anyone, everyone, the wifi controlled children, the smoke made out of time, the time made out of sticky sexist jokes, the old unflagging lady always bringing strangely sweet plasters – wait we have 2 black widows (yes I repeat two widows in black) from a man, a neighbour who recently died, sorry passed away, now into the rot, he went to get his toe nail cut lalalá and something went terribly terribly wrong, so we, somehow, quickly have to stop drinking, stand up, put sad dog face and say maximum 10 words that make sense, you know what? I’m not  getting up – … Gee there’s a lot to engage with and get even higher

Tried to go shopping but the lack of inspiration and the “products”… How am I supposed to eat this veggies? They look like a deformed cute little familly!!!
Bring it on, lets dance!!






 PoistScriptiumumum – Quanto mais olhas menos vês {Zé do café}


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( . . . )  in – out


Woke up with a hard-on, what a waste!
Woke up to the dead of night… so hungry…

I light up a candle, dress stealth under the moustache and embark on a quick trip to raid the kitchen, trying not to disturb VP. Managed:
A cluster of round, dark and sweet grapes, a black beer, organic corn cakes ( 5 and 1/2 by my count), fresh and middle-matured goat cheese, some french butter and dijon mustard and a handful of pink radish sprouts.

Ate and drank it all, still hungry but realising food it’s not gonna put down the bug’s inextinguishable fire. Bill Viola anyone?

The tiny rodent making late anthropological work in my room doesn’t care… Just don’t wake me up oh little you!!
Roll a cigarette, open the window, jump outside. It’s dark still, it’s hot still; the cicadas seem to be getting out of batteries. Some faraway lights, some clouds, a couple anxious roosters and plenty stars.

Glad I called my friend Arne. I’m a reckless lonely wolf, a lonely wolf with a mobile phone… of which I barely make use. But somehow, when I’m about to start travelling I like to call someone, by now has become a kind of personal silly tradition.

This song’s cover on ma head playing looped since I woke up; South Salito

Writing has a lot to do with filming at least to me it does.


A cloud comes to mind; Madrid, that fiery summer’s night I crossed the whole city ridding a magic owl to meet… to be with Ana. What a beautiful night it was, how hungry we were, how unaware of anything beyond the reach of our hands. Love devouring from inside…

Breath… a deep in – out movement, in – – out, feel much better now.

Come back inside, close the window, hear the mosquito’s rave that got started, blow out the candle, lay in bed, in – out, in – – out, in – – – out, happy I’m here,
in – – out, in – – – out, now, in – – out, this sense of gratefulness almost makes me wanna thank aloud, in – out, in – – – – out, thank you in – – – out, in – – out, little careless mouse goes on with night excavations, in – – out, thank you for waking me up buddy =)



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Driftwood’s Vlog-L tests grade // Premiere’s bugs workaround

Some of my entries at PV's premiere thread

Whatup mafiadi casa di banhu =)
If during project manager cleanings you encounter this wonderful welcome carpet

Disabling export “Including Preview Files” seems to do the trick – working 4 CC2014 and 2015. The catch is having to re-render delicate wool sweatshirts… nothing major. Lenga-lenga from the people of the adobe


To add LUTs to Premiere’s new Lumetri workspace, you can “Show Package Contents” over PR (mac), then go through Contents > Lumetri > LUTs > Technical and drop there a copy of your LUTs. They will show at input LUT’s drop-down list =) I wish though there was a next/previous button option, as 3D Lut Creator has, to go through a set of “looks” much faster… and also being able to apply them as the output…




Nother bug, Premiere – AME (adobe media encoder) related; and its workaround.
If like in example above you're bringing your own LUTs or an external set to Premiere’s Lumetri panel, beware that those same LUT’s have to live inside AME’s lumetri folder too, otherwise any export through AME will be off, they have to be clone folders (so to speak). Probably the same happens to SpeedGraVe as the ref final image is already showing this.

My personal view of new lumetri space is unchanged, it looks good on paper but it’s very resources hungry, a minimally complex look turns system into a zombie horny for brains to a point of having to chop several heads. For some small and precise finishing touches it works, not so for any serious grading process. This voodoo mojo seems to escalate when using other LUTs than the supplied by default.


Stills from (remerci) Nick Driftwood's Gh4 showGun run viloGO noseque+






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malTRATAdas, Mabel Lozano (sp) // radio3

I listen to Radio3 daily, it’s probably one of the best radios out there, not only they manage to consistently deliver very good music, interesting news, fresh interviews and in-depth conscious current topics as they make an incredible effort to support live music, the musicians and spanish national music scene; its traditions, legacy and future.

In the last program of Coordenadas they focus was on to this cancer which is the trafficking of women. Very painful testimonies but something we cannot close our eyes and ears to. So I share.
The podcast still not available yet, I’ll update the post with it.
Meanwhile I leave here previous’; no sólo duelen los golpes (“not only the blows hurt”) starts at 39’20”, right after Belle&Sebastian. Also don’t miss Gata Cattana‘s Lisístrata dope song at 45’40”… music might help us redeem :)

Podcast to download

– – – – – – – – – – U P D A T E – Chicas Nuevas with M. Lozano – – – – – – – – –



– – – – – – – – • – – – – – – – – – – • – – – – – – – – – • – – – – – – – – –

The following is talked on the podcast
Escúchame short from Mabel Lozano,

Las Estrellas del CieloHijos de la Tierra – Green Valley feat. Rayden

The trailer from her new feature, Chicas Nuevas 24H

Making of

Very informative web page and not just dedicated to the film promotion



Tibetans say: each sentient being no matter how lowly has been our mother in this or previous births infinite times, thanks VP +)



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the dings that chooses us



That title doesn’t sound right… well, hope it conveys… some-thing

We make records of what surround us, of what’s around us, of us (even if it’s only the context of/for a concept) into (with) other things, could not be other way, an endless self-portrait, a collection of moments, people, places and things we relate… that we can relate, that we want to relate/engage, maybe. Belonging, not belongings. It is all about relations, relating and engaging. Where those records are displayed, how are they shared, what (added) value they might have and how are articulated the relations between (a series of) them are yet further steps of creating a language with(in) our complex cultural processes.

Jörg M. Colberg in
The Gestures of Photography
Thanks Arne for the heads up

Now’s a good time to let you know of a project I find interesting Too Hard to Keep by Jason Lazarus, a growing archive of photos the public deems ‘too painful to live with any longer.’ This repository is a place for photographs, photo-objects, and digital files to exist without being destroyed. Site-specific installations continue to be curated out of the expanding collection. /// So basically, anonymous send him photos or objects that are unbearable… it is a “public” collection of very personal memories that people prefer not to remember/keep.




Also have a look at Alec Dawson’s more gloomy stages in Nobody Claps Anymore


From many different sources (proto-germanic, middle dutch, icelandic, old norse, frisian) the word “thing” is realted to assembly, to a human process, to gathering. In spanish (also portuguese and french: cosa, coisa, chose) it’ld better relate to its latin root la (fem.) “causa”, like the “judicial process, lawsuit, case;” as it to latin res “affair, thing,”. One has to wonder when and how did such a powerful and noble meaning become just a decadent and oblivious whore; with utmost respect for the mother of all professions (‘nother funny word which has latin’s fateri to admit, to confess, built-in).

In November of 2013 as I went through a long night walk in the city, I recorded a strange poem which started like this:

We do, we do we do we do, redo
We do not choose the things that touch us
We do not choose the things that touch us
They just do

And it happened so with the first photo in this strange blog post.
It has been exactly two weeks since I took my last photo, which was the sweet couple of african girls. These days I take very little photos, the amount of images I bring home has shrinked tremendously but the ratio of the ones that make me smile has skyrocketed :)

Anyway, what moved me to open the bag, take out the camera, set parameters (by now this is just automatic process, thanks god) and aim to that specific spot, the plants peeping out the window’s ledge? But I didn’t take the picture… instead I waited, I related (to) and was (in) the moment… contemplating the clouds and the foliage moving each one with their own pace, then the stiff building, its hard edges, the whole altogether… These things really happen quite fast, it feels like one becomes a big and majestic feline in the plain… waiting, waylaying (such nice word), preparing to be prepared and fiuzz plik it’s over. Saw the woman coming out the building, she doesn’t see me, she takes her mobile phone and aims up, for the sky? Then, just before squeezing the trigger I notice the pigeons in front of the CCTV. Kodak!! It’s done, just 1 . Put back the camera in the bag, go away.


How did my camera see that? Here:



But that’s the camera, how do I see it myself, how do I re-see, re-live it (?), how do I relate to the record of the moment?

So now this mysterious process goes on… to live with that/this thing/image. What am I seeing? What is here that was there? What is (here) from me still? Then one starts engaging in knitted relations and be the image. A frame of a frame through a frame. The plants (trying to escape) on the ledge framed by the window, the building framed by trees outside the building (trying to enter?), the woman… so small comparing to what surround her, rises her arms and frames some-thing, above pigeons, CCTV cameras and clouds. Two strong diagonals intersect, the one the building creates and that ever-changing from the clouds and the trees. All that within the frame (simplisticly POV) of what I am, of how I relate – then and here – in this never-ending here and now!


I has taken me 3 days, 3 days of… to be able to be in the image. After 12 different approaches (each with its own application thus process), I got it… or to be honest it would be better said it got me.

The debris:



One funny byproduct of the massaging

222 copy



When one gets lost in the process and looses sight of what’s really important/true





I bet now you will differently see (be with) the first image…




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