A million breakfasts • 000003



Half-matured goat cheese with home grown small radish
and a splash of sweetish mustard



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GH3 TL issue workaround and Hybrid x265

First a visual proof of concept, effect color stabilizer + ft-auto white balance only applied to lower right. Video by Amedeo Gallo, hope it’s OK with U bro ,-)

Mind you, it’s not the best video example as:
A – the clouds interfere with WB and luminosity in the overall image and
B – source it’s a highly compressed vimeo downloaded from vimeo =)

IF working within a raw sequence results would improve vastly, either syncing Auto WB in camera raw or inside LR and with TLtools (free). This AE approach would still be valid and probably would carry enhanced results.


Then the BTS or behind the scenes ,-)

Over at Personal View, we were talking about this illness that Panasonic’s GH3 developed in timelapse mod, see GH3 Issues Topic posts

Where on my last entry I said:
Ok, I really don’t think is such a good idea to

I gave up, probably the only one who could find a solution is Panasonic itself.

Mostly ’cause panachonik it’s too busy selling cakes ,-) to care about “old fart” GH3. So I downloaded @yellowapple video from vimeo and tried many things, mostly focusing on the ones that didn’t involve payed software… but only within AE I managed a couple fixes:

In both I created a mask around problematic areas (over exposed in yellowapple’s video to enhance the issue), which I used as a track matte and I had a copy of the layer for background.

First, the money burner; RE:Deflicker at a whooping 250$, oh yeah!!!
Despite the steep price, I got the best results from the plug and it works in 32bpc.
I triplicated the effect and used it averaging each channel and despite I set time range to the whole comp (146 fr) the analysis was pretty quick.

Second, the “free” one; Color Stabilizer + ft-auto white balance (name your own price plug). Maybe AE inbuilt plugs, auto levels or autocolor could also work, dunno didn’t try it out.
This one only works in 16 bpc, but IMHO results seemed good enough to use it and move on. If interested U can READ and download over the thread


You don’t need to TL using jpeg @yellowapple @Odur !!! Try this =)

Then the x265 and Hybrid bit.
For those of you cats who doesn’t know what a codec is, here’s wiki to rescue:

A codec is a device or computer program capable of encoding or decoding a digital data stream or signal.[...] a codec is a program (an implementation) which can read or write such files. In practice, however, “codec” is sometimes used loosely to refer to formats.

Regarding video I personally consider a healthier wider (also spread) practice to “use” the wrappers as if formats; mp4, mov, mts, avi, etc. So now specifically about the x265 codec, wiki again:

x265 is an open source free software and library for encoding video using the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265) standard.x265 is currently licensed under a dual GNU General Public License (GPL) 2 license and commercial license, similar to the x264 project.

Basically x264 was the best free implementation ever of the h264 codec (AVC – advanced video coding) found at the core of most mp4, movs, mts (avchd), etc. dominating the scene for a decade. The people behind the mask behind the wall behind… are claiming x265 is the same to revolutionary codec h265. The revolutionary part is because, as image files are getting bigger in resolution and size, this codec allows for faster and bigger compression; meaning more quality in less size done quicker; EFFICIENCY is gonna get us kill.

See Bilu and JardaIn
So I wanted to play with the codec and I downloaded very nice Hybrid app (free for win and mac) and I compressed a file; it took a very very very long time but I check the ultraslow box, so have to make more tests comparing with other codecs. At the time of writing this youtube doesn’t seem to accept x265 (wrapped in mp4) files, but vimeo does… and I went there and uploaded a video; of course vimeo recompressed it as a h264 mp4 =)

And that’s it, here & now; fixing the past and prepared 4 the future :P


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para Ami en sus 33



para Ami en sus 33


Her skin smelled like toasted cinnamon and honey


Slowed down version of Enrique Morente & Lagartija Nick (L. Cohen) – Manhattan
from Omega album (1996)



This is what Ami my little brother
gave me as 33 birthday present, feat Leinski

!!!Me caguen dios!!!



Hi there brothers and sisters =)

In this fifth deliver of the skoria series and after seeing this great video by Borjazzz vimeo user and with the excuse of my brother’s birthday,  I decided to keep the same linear juxtaposition simple edit concept but really pushing the looks  … too much maybe =P

Anyway the grading process was a PITA, as I tried to do everything in 1 blow and end up getting too complex inside of AE, 46 shots quickly became a hard to tame wild yard of pre comps and effects within pre comps and adjustment layers, LUTs, opacities, mattes and transfer modes; rendering was pretty insane too.

08 – used solely Minolta Rokkor MC 50mm f1.4
09 – used solely Rpkinnon 12mm f2 (some in ETC mode)


For many years I’ve wanted to use the great Enrique Morente & Lagartija Nick rendition of Leonard Cohen’s First We Take Manhattan. Wiki says:

It was originally recorded by Jennifer Warnes on her 1987 album Famous Blue Raincoat, which consisted entirely of songs written or co-written by Cohen

L. Cohem himself ended up doing his own version of his own beautiful lyrics, see video below




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Farewell to Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall






This guy was a force of nature, a good actor and a truly compassionate funny and most histrionic being. Well, for sure no more suffering for Mr. Williams in this life (1951–2014)… meanwhile, farewell also to Lauren Bacall (1924–2014), what a gorgeous talented cat-eyes chick; if any doubt ask Humphrey.


At Personal View, user igore7 wrote

Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed, life is harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in threatening world. Doctor says, “Treatment is simple. The great clown Pagliacci is in town. Go see him. That should pick you up. Man bursts into tears.But doctor He says, I am Pagliacci.


I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel alone. — Robin Williams, RIP


                         gashô                        gashô                        gashô



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Irmao ta isto… this is how to say


miteri atma jana dorje Soonam
some kind of typical Himalaya

I’m a jerk, really am and I fully acknowledge and embrace this permanent condition of mine… So why such lovely souls as Karma and Soonam would keep inviting me for dinner, drink, meet their family, marry strangers and funny talking about the most incongruent and unbelievable interesting matters it’s beyond my understanding. But they do so and this himalayan family make me always feel most welcome and each time I’ld leave overwhelmed, grateful and fatter :)
The fact that most westerners employing them – and despite their work harder, longer, more enthusiastically, and never complaint – abuse of their good nature and lack or “papers” paying them absolutely miserable salaries brakes my heart :(


 Raster of Maciej Kalkus' original art work
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fade test ^̂ resolve lite 11 ^̂ and the end of monkey poetics



Lole Y Manuel – Dime


Merci bien a Dani for a lovely pilsner sunset idea :P


Hi there guys =)

It is very seldom that I use crossdissolves in the montage process, but when I do I feel very limited by the choices main platforms offer; so I created my own cinematic additive poopooza in AE.
AE_keyfAfter trying several very time consuming methods I got somethin’ usable. That would correspond to the third dissolve in the video above.

Case you want to listen to the whole song




Davinci Resolve Lite 11
(Beta still) editing and grading platform
is out for Win and Mac; it is free and very powerful

Mind you the video below corresponds to full version (paid)
Thanks to the guys at Personal View for the heads up




Regarding the monkey selfie polemic that has been making headlines, as wikipedia considered that the ownership of the photo should not be attributed to the camera owner and without going into law standpoints, I personally find curious that the very “poetic” action that makes this photograph/document trigger a smile in most people’s imagination it’s being reduced and dismembered (in)to ownership bullshit… of course the endangered lady monkey couldn’t care less, I bet she’s doing way better fun things with her life +)

monkey_selfie_02 copye

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 15.03.25

Anyway here is being held a discussion for the removal of the images

Mr Slater asked Wikipedia either paid for the use of the image or remove. But their argument was and remains that as the monkey pressed the button to take the picture, and because the image is now on the internet in the public domain that it is free to use. And David Slater POV:




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incongruently IV (no brain no pain!)


Thumbnails will always organise themselves randomly


Drawing gifs by Andrew Ohlmann. Couple of Boing-Boing‘s pics, Locke, The Ipgress File (and delux Michael Cane), La buena Estrella and Rigor Mortis  (great chinese horror film) screen grabs. Featuring Píteripoweris, Dani, Eleonora, Vasco, some seeelfies (specially proud of 1 on 48h sleep bus one), the melting hearts furry trio, ?lexi’s ghost, nice anima(ls) and a bunch of unknowanna friends =)


16 years old Spooky Black + Without You Prod Greaf

mais 1





4 More incongrous kangurus

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