2º Aniversário da Casa Independente

Video de Tiago Mata Argelino





03 Out – Gandambiente (Hélio Morais & Quim Albergaria) | 23h00 – 02h00
04 Out – Dj Baybs | 23h00- 02h00
10 Out – Mãe Dela | 23h00 – 02h00
11 Out – Casa Cláudia | 23h00 – 02h00
17 Out – Tudo Errado (Cláudia Guerreiro) | 23h00 – 02h00
18 Out – Banda Sonora Para um Aniversário com João Gomes, Lucky, Cruzfader, Sam The Kid, LadyG Brown & O Mecânico do Amor | 15h00 – 02h00
24 Out – Pedro Lucas (Concerto) + Quem és tu, Laura Santos? | 22h00 – 02h00
25 Out – Capicua (Concerto) + Pedro Marques | 22h00 – 02h00
31 Out – Noite das Bruxarias (Galadrop – Nelson Gomes & Afonso Simões) | 23h00 – 02h00

07 a 30 Out – Baldrame, Cartografia para uma Casa – Residência Artística Silvestre Alegria
18 Out – Juízo Independente mural por Filippo Fiumani (inauguração)
18 Out - Banquete na Casa – faz tu mesmo | 19h00 – 22h00


Largo Intendente 45 1100-285 Lisboa Tel: 21 887 5143


Horário de Funcionamento:
Tasca Tropical: 3ª a 5ª 14h00-23h00 | 6ª 14h00-24h00 | Sáb 12h00-24h00
Salão: 3ª a 5ª 14h00-24h00 | 6ª 14h00-02h00 | Sáb 12h00-02h00



Merci por todo o amor que tem trazido a este mundo!!!!


Jantar/performance instalação sonora no projecto
Baldrame, Cartografia para uma Casa – Residência Artística Silvestre Alegria



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LAGOA  ➊➋  if it’s a portrait, is mine



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incongruently V (most graphic)


Thumbs will reorder randomly each time page loads





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A  u  t o  s  i  m  p  a  t  h  y   (Earth Condom 2014)


 Merci bien a Sr. João

Youtube conversion smudged the sound quite a bit, 
master’s soundtrack it’s way more clean and organic ,-) 


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PS tutos and photo related stuff and a great timelapse


Extracts from articles I wrote at Personal View




Hi there folks =) Ready? Here we go!!!

At VK, Serge Popov from 3D LUT Creator has shared Julia Trotti, a set of 40 drag&drop curves presets.

Why I share this with you? Because even if you don’t use their program it’s quite a nice free collection (gotta love some of those names and examples) you can use to grade in Photoshop, Premiere and/or After effects along with the 32bits Curves adjustment =)

I’m not even gonna start praising some LUTs they’ve been dropping over there, just have a kid-in-the-candy-store-look


Recently I came across this tutorial, I must say this guy empowers opposite philosophy of what I think it’s healthy; do shitty photos, don’t delete anything, fix them in post. WRONG!!!

One should experiment away, specially with pussy cats and humans :P, but also should’t settle on mediocre results and expend hours fixing or sugar-coating them. Delusion is very dangerous. You took a photo of grandpa teeth in the glass, nice… most of times it’s not going to be timeless new Lartigue’s or C. Bresson’s… and maybe you don’t even want it to. NOW if one wants to improve, 97.395736% of the work it’s gonna happen inside our heads, by learning, by comparing and analysing results, by being attentive and conscious, by re-learning how to see, relate, and establish relations (being these conceptual or sensory in nature) also becoming better human being.

I imagine this may sound like clogging BS. It’s not, I try to address matters from my personal experience, that’s all.

Ok, for a more positive example, Michael Woloszynowicz is a retoucher, so he has to be very precise and to the point. It may seem same thing than the other, but it’s not. This guy starts with already good material (studio or landscape) and works very meticulously to enhance its qualities. Furthermore he gives away really useful techniques like high-pass/soft light sharpening, 50% grey noise, colour cast removing, etc. etc. These can be used in video too =)

For very advanced PS users only

For those of you interested/focusing on studio photography, great tips here.

2 fantastishe PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY tutos by Alex Koloskov
I must say, Alex may lack the glare of other show photogs but I love that there’s absolutely no bullshit =)

DIY LED Lighting for studio photography

How to create a gradient reflection with large soft box

Kai might be a dirty little fucker, but he knows what to do with lady-eyes :P
Not even going in the IQ, DR or colour rendition wet dream; just drooling over those beauuuutifuly massive OVFs XD

Nevermind the mediocre photo examples, this is a pretty solid LR workflow explained in great detail and without what seems to be today’s hurry hurry standard. There are a couple of things though I personally find to be better practices, specially with µFT raws: 90% I heavily use negative exposure (which also helps reducing noise), lessen the contrast (but here I’ve to say I’ll apply a LUT or specific film contrast and colour responses afterwards), to leave alone the shadow adjustment slider, don’t abuse on negative highlights, take advantage of smoother changes done with CURVES, more detail and far more masking at sharpening module if image it’s going to be resized for web, it’s very rare I have to go so far up with luma NR (only when above ISO 800), USE grain, sometimes worth playing with camera calibration. Other than that a pretty solid workflow with great tips =)



Rawtherapee 4.1

Darktable 1.4.2/p>

TLTools 4.0.53

Lightzone is now beta9 (4.1.0)


There’s also this Tonality new B&W raw conversion soft integrated with LR, PS (also Elements) and Aperture. Pro version’s 60$

Is it good? No, it is the best, it really is; even the 15 days trial is fully operational (mind you need net connexion). It is Silver Effex ten levels ahead, intuitive, very responsive, nice UI and just every tool one needs to make a great B&W pic. You can save not only the presets but the workflow file and export in multiple file formats. The inbuilt presets are helpful as a starting point too.


Now for a master blaster of B&W street photography,

Tatsuo Suzuki homepage


I find this technique useful, specially if you’re doing (fashion) portraits and retouching /// watch out for the dimensionality :P

Talking portraits and studio, Phase One just launched Capture One pro 8


1_This is a free LR pluggin for adding metadata to manual lenses; VERY USEFUL
there’s also the show focus points one but I really don’t find it as interesting


2_Next, CINEGRAPHS  in a nutshell (PS instructions)


3_A bit more of Kai’s humorous bullshit


4_Example of someone (totally unknown) who has a fine “touch” developing an image… IMO —> http://www.kowska.blogspot.pt
4b_Example of someone (a girl,,, drullllinnngg) which style I also like —> http://temptingalice.com/wonderland/lifestyle/ and (wide spread) experiments —> http://temptingalice.com/wonderland/tinderella/


5_Related on achieving SUCCES and/within web social platforms

I have a fun story regarding the whole “go comment, make friends, and you will receive comments in return”.

So I had been using this photo community site (name not disclosed, but it’s a big one) for a couple of years, and my photos were decent, a few good ones. Whenever I posted a new one, I would get maybe 5 comments and a few upvotes/downvotes. A dozen people added me the their favorites over the years. Nothing major.

At the same time there were a few dozen posters there with absolutely shit photos and they always got a hundred comments and nearly perfect ratings on every single photo.

So I looked at what they did – and, as a programmer, I thought – I could write a bot that did all of that. And so I did. It did a very simple set of actions on every new photo posted:

•   Give it 5 stars.
•   Write a randomly generated comment made up of chunks like
"absolutely amazing", "so beautiful", "you're talented",
"adding you to my favorites", "A+++", etc.
•   Added the author to the favorites.
•   Gave the author +rep or something along the lines

Before I launched it I posted a few very average photos under the bot’s account, who also had some random girl’s pic in the profile.

Then one evening I launched, watched it for a few minutes, and went to sleep.

When I woke up, HOLY SHIT.

Every single photo of mine had perfect 5 star ratings with dozens and dozens of votes, tons of comments from the happy noobs who got “discovered” by me, almost all of them added me to their favorites, I had like 50 friends overnight.

During the day when the site hit peak traffic, it went even more insane, everything quadrupled, my latest photo became the photo of the day on the front page.

By then a few people figured out wtf was going on, because I was too lazy with writing randomized comments, they didn’t have much variety. By the end of the day the bot got banned. But the damage was done. I posted on their forum explaining the whole thing. Many people were angry, because it exposed how full of shit the photo critique communities are, many were laughing and laughing. A few regulars quit. And so did I.

That’s why I only ask for the negative feedback to my work. Getting positive feedback is just too easy.

article at reddit

6_Some online photo mags (also contests and context) –  I wonder why don’t they just cover their eyes instead…???

Strip Tease Tent, Charter Fair, Pinner, 1971 • By Homer Sykes


…… much much more

6_A list of 321 c-lenses

To finish this long log an outstanding time-lapse by Jeff Frost, which achieves emancipating itself from the medium it uses to evoke, to provoke, to relate to something… “else”… that is the birth place and beauty of true language and art, MHO • Superb sound design too


That’s all folks, don’t do stupid things without documenting first

need shum szleep now

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VP (ROMEU_2AM)  ➊➊  if it’s a portrait, is mine



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Introducing dragonflais to Leo while DIY project


photo by Am Am  

My dear Leisnky,

Whazup buddy?!!! How are the cucumber’s arm, the poo eater fish and Wurli?

I’m at the countryside and the pond where I’ve been swimming last 10 days is full of LIFE, I thought that holding such interest in every single little detail about nature’s processes you would fancy a description of this pond’s fauna, flora another day.
In the pond that we call lake ’cause we wanna make us bigger too, there are a myriad tiny armies of tiny beings with huge eyes battling for best spot or yummiest meal, normally one is associated with the other. If it’s all right with you, We’ll now focus on the main 2 animal collectives which are frogs and dragonflies.



Frogs are amphibians (mostly wet) squeaky creatures and they come as far as the Triassic. Here in the pond-lake they’re on top of tiny beings’ food chain as their predators are bigger animals like polar bears, french, chinese and vietnamese cooks, snakes and pterodactyls; so they’re pretty much the bosses of it all.

The most important thing to know about frogs it is not that they are slippery gawky jumpers with huge weirdly funny feet and witnessing eyes; or that they cannot really talk because their tongue is so lengthy that has to be kept rolled up inside that big mouth and when they want to eat they thow it to wip their prey with it and hopefully the lunch gets stuck in the gummy accumulated saliva made out of unspoken frog words… or that every single frog regards her/himself as an Enrico Caruso; no nothing of that. It’s not even soooo important to know about frogs being permanently stoned with 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine or DMT to abbreviate; scientists think that only some (mexican tods) frogs produce this substance, but they obviate international frog dealership.




Anyway, important thing to know about frogs is that when you’re swimming in the lake you might be gently checked out (constantly observed for sure) to see if you’re real or an hallucination. Honestly I do the same back to them all the time. But they mean and would do no harm… just curious. Frogs love lotus flower or nenufar as singing and quick naps’ platform. Finally and among other insects frogs eat dragonflies.

And Leo, I LOVE DRAGONFLIES, almost as much as I love anchovies or bees, but bees are more… tender and community based hard working explorers that have a vital role in pollination and if that was not enough they make honey… mmmm honey. In comparison dragonflies or libelulas (which I prefer as it’s beautifully onomatopoeic) are hyper fast lazy bastards (no contradiction) who just want to go flying faround, having fun, having sex, laying eggs and eat in fancy restaurants… well actually this may not be very accurate, but you get the difference.
BTW frogs and dragonflies both like mosquitoes as this one sucking my precious blood right now!!! That’s how you recognise a female… mosquito, nhiF!


- Wait just a sec, have to go check something!! ….. another little mouse went in the trap, must be at least the 35th… it’s sooooo cute und small… but they leave a trail of tiny shits (much like the colourful things people sprinkle pies with, but black and not sweet) and make holes in everything. On holidays you go little Mini, raus!!!


So dragonflies… something you might not know is that the earth’s most powerful creature is the fly, it happens so because they’re ruthless pieces of PITA flying beings and just too many. So five thousand hundred million light years ago (a light year less or more) when chinese manufactures wanted to implement the libelules as the new flying sensation, they asked for flies’ permission and these, reunited and decided that as the retarded humans had their mythological invisible dragons they also needed something visible to call dragon and thus was the dragonfly borned into basically a tiny inoffensive dragon on alpha‑methylphenethylamine or amphetamine, they cannot stop and are always shaking their heads, wikipedia says that what goes inside a dragonfly head is some video-game like this




But in reality it is more like this as dragonflies have multifaceted eyes that allow them to watch 7253 female dancing shows at the same time and that’s the truth behind the head shaking, as they constantly saying check it out yo, it’s too good it’s too good, all is flowing dharmakaya papichulo!!!


That may explain the strange reproductive ritual dragonflies carry around, I call it ass-wetting hardcore sex; male and female interconnect and form and organic and orgasmic multicopter that bends so that they can lay the eggs in most dangerous possible place, frémissement!!! Frogs are good and attentive neighbours and help them with the excess of weight, eating as much as they can, if possible also parents; just lovely to see.


So Leo, my kiznit, what’s happening in your nearest pond?
Now I “have to” talk about this other boring thing, so you can go and check =)

Hasta ahorita, your crazy uncle that loves U at least as much as the frog loves the dragonflay ay ay







I wanted to try and capture up close all this incredible relationing I was telling my nephew about with my nikkor push-pull 80-200mm f4.5 – 160-400mm equiv on µFT

Rûmi Chants d’Amour – Je Suis Et Ceci Et Cela. Je Ne Suis Mien (extract)

I apologise for parkinson footage, it’s not that I had slept for almost 3 hours and only drank 16 coffees, it’s ’cause the tripod didn’t exist and neither I wanted to (fake) stabilise in post. As anyone who had handled such a non IS zoom would know it is very very difficult to maintain parafocalness (a new word just have been borned). Add to this fact that this lens is over 40 years old and very moody. So with the flightiness of improvement the experience I built, well more like wrapped up within, this thingie. As an early and probably only prototype, it was made improv style with materials at hand, in this case too thin wraps and some disembled printer parts from a NASA satellite, actually that’s not true, it was from an old Vostok (SOUND: men only chorus of super athletes dressed in tiny shorts)



Anyway thicker black straps would be and look better, more bad ass or pro like, your taste, your choice, your call.

This incredible piece of shit, I mean ‘of mesmerising engineering’ has a double lock system and a zoom limiter, fancy ein? First lock system can be done either under or over the metal bar, depending if further focus fine tuning is required; under (see #7) would allow infinite, over (see invisible #6) closer focus. In the second locking possibility (see #1, uncomplete) the strap would move from the focus ring to the front barrel and around the rubber, this will allow a total lock of focus and only zoom would be possible. Also depending if you want and at what FL to limit the zooming, you can move rubber alongside the steel rod (see #8 and #9).




Last but not least a beautiful dragonfly trippin out as always
don’t be deluded, lens is different ,-)


Yair Dalal – Dombuktchi (extract)


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