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For Alienhead

When the flower opens the butterfly comes,
when the butterfly comes the flower opens +)



Own tweaked version of
J.S. Bach Contrapunctus BWV
The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080: XVII



Hi there, motorway of information travellers.

There’s a reason why ONLY with headphones one will better experiencing this… popooza. It is not technical but also, as there are 5 different audio tracks which great vary in pitch and pan (L & R). The main reason it has to do with its conception, well more like a vomit >P<


I wanted to bring together my always personal (sometimes hermetic) universe starting with 2:35 tight crops on these (not soooo special) colourful stills, as if dealing with cinemascope ratio for film or video. And then also using long “cinematic” crossfades at the same time of a soundtrack capable of resonating spatiality… but it was very clear to me that the kind of spaciality would have to remain… personal, intimate, inhabiting only the head of the one watching the video and not pervading, not being borned into the air. I know, it sounds like the foolish bullshiting many artists give after 3 beers, I only had one ,-)  Was done also leaving open the possibility for a loop.



Normally till I’m happy with the results images may go through quite a journey and at different stages, a bit like those guys in Morocco who peel, smooth and tint the skins of the lamb. LR >> PS >> Exposure >> Color Efex >> (XnConvert for quick proofs) Premiere >> proRES HQ FHD master >> AME twin rendering of H264 youtube/vimeo copies – as it has no so much moving pixels, I decided not to go the much slower x264 root =) Audio was done in sound studio and Premiere



The colour puzzles are palette studies/samples of some of the photos



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S☢☢C skoria 06 & 07



Para o VP, may the rest of us get half as insane as you are :P



John Coltrane – India
From The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings [Live] [Disc 4]

Merci aRne, the brazilian goddess of easy-talk at train station, Ginjinha, Luisa, the chair repair man, jleo, the angolan power lady at supermarket’s fast food service, Píter, Susana, VP (for the wise advises and patience), the anarchist frog association of ASSNTZ for looking over us while providing soundtrack

(this is not a poem, it's more like a reference for the footnote of
an emotional suspension value of some kind, je je)

Agarrados ao presente
que não esmorece
a um sorriso sorridente
que passa e fica
como uma criança a brincar.

Agarrados a força infinita
de nos desagarrar
e despiadosamente
vestidos com nada
vamos deixando a vida
fazer ninho
nos nossos corações
que pulsam taralhocos
libertos e cansados,
despertos e extasiados
em quanto o corpo se desfaz…

E só por um momento
olhar é sem tempo,
sem proposta nem resposta
sem procura nem locura
sem esforço outro
que o desintegrarmo-nos

minha amiga
amigo querido


Yesterday user jleo at Personal-View opened a thread with this interview. I couldn’t have seen it at a better moment, as I relate and engage in many of the concepts, practices and semiotic games Jean Luc was going on about. What a peculiar, coherent, sharp, provocateur free thinker JLG is. He won’t last much longer, but we can apply that to all of us +)


Previous skorias =)


S☢☢C skoria 05

S☢☢C skoria 03

S☢☢C skoria 01 & 02

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A million breakfasts • 000001



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S☢☢C skoria 05



Pra Susana que ma faz sorrir mesmo quando me faz chorar =)
Pra Susana que ma faz sorrir mesmo quando me faz chorar 8<
Pra Susana que ma faz sorrir mesmo quando me faz chorar +)


Antonio Carlos Jobim – Tempo do mar
From 1973 album Matita Perê

Merci bien a aRne, Carolina, daniela, LAgoa, Marta, Mr. Sata, nice guy at Bangla, Patricia, Píʼʼter, Ruben, Su, Vítor & dear ?lexi
May all beings stop suffering and reach the beach



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Lightworks beta for mac, Q&D test-drive


Art-tickle based in my entrie at Personal-View LW's thread +)


  Well Lightworks beta for mac (12.E) is finally out there, it took a long time!!
  I’ve played a bit with it and here are some initial notes:
  First of all WTF is this 7 days rope around my digital neck?!! Je je
Then about the program itself… hmmmm. It looks like a very very beta thing. I don’t mind at all the floating GUI (nice that is full screenable) and I can live with the silly red shark talking to me, but there’s no way I’m comfortable editing; I didn’t even manage to find shortcuts for such a basic task as jumping from clip-start to clip-start in the timeline. Add to that I was unable to import simple edits from premiere, being XML or EDL (actually EDL was imported but just the bones).
The overall feeling is something that still needs a lot of work and that some essentials are missing. There are some nice features like the node based chain (video routing) which is still at its infancy. The WB selector is pretty nice with a punch-in like window where you can still define sample area. Some stuff is very intuitive but there’s no help or guide or anything but the fucking red shark.
Like there’s no feather in masks and everything looks and feels a bit oversimplified (just look at the scopes).
That said here’s the good part, other than being (7 days license) free, the colour correcting tools are pretry responsive and enough (double edge blade on that enough, eh?) the colour engine does a very good job and in my machines is by far the fastest rendering standalone. Even from h264 material is damn fast the pimple shark!!!
Personally, I’ll keep an eye on this project, hopefully LUTs will be implemented, plugging and effex compatibility added, GUI refined and the overall experience might get a bit more coherent, reliable and enjoyable +)
  Quick and dirty tests, full of inconsistencies ///// LW is always top right
  Click on the images for blowing dust :)

gashô jabi-baby acitunita bunitchinha, ay cozita rica y eza barbilliita abujereá!!!

  Ok found a bit more of info in their User Guide

Well, that’s it amicci, that and AGAIN my condolences to brasilians fans
Now it seems only a cup de etat, guaraná for everybody and public lynching Scolari may calm the Gods’ fury :P

Also I’d like to praise those in football, or any sport for what it’s worth, that can see further away than the ball or his own balls; I’m talking about great gesture by Van Gaal ,-)

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incongruently III (misc screengrabing & stuff)






VP contribution, je je 

enlightenment_VP-1200 copy

 A nice Max Landis’ video for desert =)



Previous incongrous geltle pickles




incongruently II (dead ends • new beginnings)


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exporting LUTs from PS CC and CR 8.5 bug fix




BTW if you’re suffering the camera raw 8.5 “bug” here’s the quick fix.
Download links for convenience ,-)


Well, that’s all folks, that and my condolences to brasilians fans  :P
1 – 7 After the tear cleansing riots may (re)start again, chiii


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